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Bits and pieces of me...
Silent moments with-in
We're all searching for eternity in another's heart
Craving comfort in another's unyielding arms.
They say that you're just 'existing' until you surrender your soul to
the 'divinity' of love.

Is this your idea of 'living'?
Our relationship is still nothing but scraps in a notebook and
I hold it to my heart, but it feels- bare.
I keep flickering through
searching for my 'reason for being' between the pages of our/dead/.end/affection.
Because I never found it, there in your arms.

I write verse after verse of -blank-poetry
Finding solitude within the very same pages, where we laid our love
finding myself cloaked in the very same sheets,
we wrapped ourselves in,
Hidden for the reality of our strained'love'

I wish I could lay my heart to this page and deny the undeniable
Truth that words tend to be inadaquate

I tend to feel

There's nothing I can say to convey the complexity of my stance in this
uncertainy that they call 'LIFE'/Existence/-just existing

While I walk through'life' translating my incessant philosophies into blank prose
tring to find the meaning of my existance
Searching for eternity in the love of another when...
Can eternity really exist
in another's heart?....


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Community Member

Mon Jun 02, 2008 @ 03:13pm

arrrrrrrg...you shatter a thousand stars of glass wishes in my sky and they shower like little cracked hearts X
embed themselves within my bony spines & it b/l/e/e/d/s as your converse poetry
c r a w l s up my back and whisper's & I envelope myself within your blank verse because my efforts are too little. pirate

Community Member

Mon Jun 02, 2008 @ 03:21pm


Thin emaciated bones lie beneath f/r/a-ct ure-d expectations, beside c/r/a/c/k/e/d/ ribs.
This is all I have to shelter my heart X, coated with simmer dust tears of futile expections

I can't fly solo. stressed

Community Member

Mon Jun 02, 2008 @ 03:25pm

So I suspend myself on the shared pillow of your affection, as you take me beneath your torn.paper.wing & we {kiss}

Community Member

Mon Jun 02, 2008 @ 03:41pm

My fingers are t re mbl - ing
I'm not sure if its the coldness of this room
or the coldness of your kiss
withe the realization that every word you said was just dust on a shelf, accumulating
all the leftover particles of us
like feathers, tickling my heartstrings its irritating and yet I can't brush them away....and you...
Your word thread patchwork stitches through my heart..
and you said- that I look beautiful here in this f/r/a/c/t/u/r/ed pocelain state.

Community Member

Mon Jun 02, 2008 @ 05:11pm

I know how it would feel if my heart X were made of gemstone, my touch forbidden crystal, for which all seek treasures.

Typed expressions of
my face-not beautiful
my soul-not beautiful enough exudes from within

the end is that all is like me, nothing but hollow bones.

Community Member

Mon Jun 02, 2008 @ 05:21pm

nice rebuttal

For now I must leave u my hollow friend.

Community Member

Tue Jun 03, 2008 @ 01:30pm

I breath, as best I can
wheezing, lungs filled to the brim with powder promises
You tell = I trust
I turn = and YUour
gone.... crying

Come out and play burning_eyes

Community Member

Tue Jun 03, 2008 @ 01:47pm

Sheets hemmed with black
poetry from my fractured mental state
placed in silk ribbon ties
ilustrating fabric dreams
they're etching their message
within the walls of my heart
as I sleep in the safest place to be
When your spirits broken
I stir at the early hours of the morning as I wake
tring to catch my thoughts

All I ask is for you to,
say that you'll stay {mean it}
All I ask is that you,
enfold me with in your wings
SUSPENDED in the vacuum of time for
silent thought*}....

And its all *just another heartbreak clich'e

Community Member

Tue Jun 03, 2008 @ 02:06pm

biggrin sketched onto my skeletal spine
...just lay here
so sweetly, coated in thick swelling denial
Don't try to fight this
You are worth more than this
When you're incarcerated within the hands of depression
cradle your tender heart within my wings of slumber
Sleep this all away 3nodding

Community Member

Tue Jun 03, 2008 @ 04:12pm

Cemented by words and deeds of love
Nothing sets a person so much out of the
devils reach as humility

this heart of mine beats in rhyme beating time.

New love can thrill you, untill the newness flies;
like flowers if plucked it slowly dies

With rose-flushed cheeks

Who are you? I ask, amazed

What message do u bring?

Community Member

Tue Jun 03, 2008 @ 04:38pm

Old as time, yet young to you
you just begun to feel my strength
I scorn mere men who harness me
I travel worlds to bring a single soul a thrill
I frolic though wherever I please
I gossip with the stars (like you)
I laugh at man made bars
I roam though mountains, streams and lakes
Forever on the go
Unmarked by time
I break down the coldest of hearts
when I kiss them
I 'm simply sharing happiness with someone who is sad
I am, but your inner muse, that you alone born, a guardian of your joy
Inspired by your wish to aid

Each one of us live in a little world composed of our mind and heart
Is often a cell for our dreams biggrin

Community Member

Wed Jun 04, 2008 @ 11:44am

I have loved: I have lost:
I have forgotten how to feel:
I forgotten how to care:
And now I find thee:

Lady thou are as a rainbow that shines in the sky!
As ever changing as the ocean that you swim in!
Each time you place your words for the world to see;
You show a new facet to your personality:
Like a cut diamond throwing flecks of light into the world.

Would that I could show thee a thousand things:
A thousand moments in your life;
Would that I could speak a thousand words to you!
A thousand footsteps to walk with you.

As the moon is chased by the sun:
And the moon follows the sun:
In their dance;
In our life, so to I will never meet thee:

Our eyes not meet; our hands not touch:
I'll not hold thee; or feel your heart-beat.
Still with your words; your prose; your contact;
I thank thee.

Though empty you may feel;
lonely you may be;
This to will pass. Seasons turn;
Winter to Spring to Summer to Autumn:

I would love to see you smile.
A smile that reaches your eyes.
As a full moon shines down.
You make this a better place Lady.

Community Member

Wed Jun 04, 2008 @ 06:25pm

heart You round out my life symphoney
that I love to hear and see
from my friendly Socrateaser.

Community Member

Sat Feb 20, 2010 @ 08:58am

i always say , one of the most beautiful gift for a man in this world is the love of his woman... for i never had such love in my life even it was all of my reason being alive but this happiness was probably not meant for me... they say i fall for the wrong person but what if i am not the right person myself... i have love till tears subsides... i have even learn how to hate myself for being unloved... i punish my body and soul for a crime they never commit... still i gave my all and i gain one of the most beautiful gift life has to offer in return... and this gift is known as compassion... it is a shelter for when you are lost... it is your only comfort for when you don't have no one to rely on... if i was guilty of one sin for my entire life it was to love someone for more than i should... do i have to grief over that person or over myself ? having compassion is being free from pain... being released from the shadow... there is no indifference... but still i don't want to live alone... you possesses such a beautiful heart i envy the guy you love heart

User Comments: [14]
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