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Bits and pieces of me...
Another Peace...
I love to play on words
some may get it
some may not.

Deep breath

Forgiveness is a riddle
I can't figure out
lonely words
s crippled on paper.

Which is the hard truth?
Trust the thought
coming into the mind?

I forgave before
so I know
I can again

Lonely planet
throb and shake
the galaxy forgiving
the earth of what
we do to it.

Edit all the things
I think
all the vague blue lines
we see
Everything is not that easy
Let go of it

Maybe my keys
would flow faster
into prayers
about enemy haiku
or stranger who walk past.

Where are we going,
Do they forgive easily?
Why do my shoulders shrink
when I am mad?

Upward search the clouds
for the sentence
to say to fargo

This language corrupted
adverbs entangled.

I want to say
I forgive you

If I tell it to you twice
Will I mean it?
I want to let go
of this tight breath.


I want to forgive

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Community Member

Thu Jun 26, 2008 @ 02:48pm

I never understood why its so easier to do the things you desire if they're "bad" than doing the things you desire if they're "good".

The search for forgiveness is express compactly, it is a true depth of emotion.

User Image
please bump my glow
Community Member

Fri Jun 27, 2008 @ 12:00pm

My reply to thy comment Lady!
biggrin heart
As I travel this realm!
There is an echo in my heart!
You charm me awake!

As I walk through this world of Life!
The breeze carries to me!
The echo of your voice!

If I swim in the Ocean!
The water would ccarry to me!
The sound of your Heartbeat!

There are no limits to your Joy!
There are no dissappiontments in knowing you!
Thank you for being you! biggrin heart

Bewell my Lady of the Sea!

My comment to your words Lady

The hardest truth!
Is accepting help when you are helpless!
Is trusting when you have no trust!
And to care when your heart is broken!
And to forgive yourself!
When you've already been forgiven!

I wish I could hold you!
Give you a tissue for your tears!
And see you smile; your smile which reaches your eyes!
And tell you when you can use the word forgive!
You do mean it!

User Comments: [2]
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