At last I found time to update the blog, like anyone reads this. :/

As the title says, school is a drag. I'm beyond sleepiness, I'm already on exhaustion. Who even goes up on 5:00 just to not get late for school? GRAARGH.

Anyways, I started on a new school, a clean slate, to be later destroyed in due time. The curriculum is hard, mainly since it's a science high school (Telling nothing more, QCSHS), the place is awesome, but it's too exhausting, I want to sleep on Stat. D:

Here's how my day goes:

4:30 - Wake up
4:30-5:45 - Prepare for school
5:45 - Go to school
6:30-4:00 - School, sleep in statistics
4:00 - Grieve over exhaustion, sleep in car
8:00 - Do homework
12:00 - sleep on laptop


5:00 - Wake up, sleep again
5:00-6:15 - Prepare for school, sleep on shower
6:15 - Go to school
6:15-4:00 - School, sleep whenever
4:00 - sleep in car
8:00 - Do homework
12:00 sleep on laptop

Really exhausting, I'm practically failing my math quizzes, but I blame my teacher for it. My english teacher told us that the only reasons for going absent were if the person was dead, or dying. I wish my math teacher was, he's dead boring, LEARN TO LAUGH DUDE.

Well It's been 3 weeks since school started, I'd better flail to my pillows now or they'll get sad.