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The Master of Dragon's Journal of Random.
I'm using this journal to do whatever... It will hold art or my characters.
Dark Elf RP character: Rayne Draconian

Rayne Solana Uraia Draconian


486 (looks only 24)

Personality: Her demeanor is mostly clam and calculating, but she can be rather sadistic and cruel. She has a hard time trusting others who are not of her clan (and even distrusts some who are in her clan). However, she has strong leadership traits which garners respect from her underlings. She'd prefer not to get her own hands dirty, but she will if she must, since without her, her clan would fall into chaos. Yet, she enjoys being on the battlefield from time to time, though she often does so in disguise. If she remains inactive for too long, she would often get antsy. She also has a bit of a stubborn streak when it comes to getting her treasure.


-Strength, speed, and stamina are a notch above an ordinary humans (as she is a dark elf)
-A vast knowledge of poisons and antidotes
-A bit of resistance to varying poisons (she's not immune, but it would take a heaver dose to get the desired effect)
-Skilled fighting with a variety of weapons (often laced with poisons of some sort) (has exceptional skill with needles and daggers, which she often hides in her dress)
-Knowledgeable in a vast array of Dark Magic spells (though they do take their tole) (has a strange affinity for fire-based spells)


There isn't really a list she can cast nearly any kind of spell for the situation, but it usually takes time and energy. However, it depends on how she casts the spell determines how much energy or time it consumes.

If she writes the spell on the ground or in a piece of paper, it takes more time than it does energy (good if she has a defense of some sort)

If she writes the spell magically, it takes less time, but more energy (making her tired faster).

Physically written spells are usually used to enhance her abilities or aid in her defense in some way, as it would be impractical to cast an offensive spell from the ground (but it does happen sometimes)

Magically written spells tend to be more offensive since they tire her out faster.


Being born into a very wealthy and powerful clan in the criminal underground, she was always the subject of a rival family's attention. She was treated with the utmost care and protection due to the constant attempts on her life as a means to destroy the clan. She was also pampered for a life of dignity and discretion to be used as a cover for their criminal behavior but was also trained to take the family's head position just in case. Her brother was always the one who would have taken over the clan if anything should happen to the current head, and he was well prepared to take his place... a little too prepared. He organized a coup and planned to take his place by force. He ultimately succeeded in assassinating the family head, however, he did not plan on his sister being there as well. However, she refused to be second to anyone, not even her own flesh and blood... Not when she herself could do something about it. So, it came to a battle between her brother and herself.

After a long and arduous fight, she took the upper hand and defeated her brother, thus taking the spot as the family head. At first, many were angry at the prospect of a woman so young being their leader, but after a while, through various (and probably questionable) means, she won her clan over and now sits as the Head of Clan with little contest.

There are still attempts on her life, but it is now much harder to get to her due to all of her body guards and security and the rumors of what she does with those who try but ultimately fail...

She has also been known to hire questionable clients to gather various treasures around Gaia for her. And, to make sure they get the job done without any betrayal, she slips them a little something "extra" with their food and drink. However, she doesn't always and will pay some clients for a job well done.

Sometimes, when she has a "treasure itch" she can't exactly scratch, she dons armor, a bladed gauntlet, a giant sword, and a mask to make her unrecognizable in the world. She adopts the name of "MoD" (Master of Draconians) while in this outfit and takes a more personal approach to treasure gathering.

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