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Chinook Wind
Yes indeed tis the season- about mid January, for the Chinook Wind to be blowing through town. A Chinook is a freak EXTREME warm weather front that lasts roughly 3 days to a week. When i emphasize extreme i mean this precisely: When i went to bed it was -50 yes.. minus 50 degrees BELOW Zero, Fahrenheit. Cold enough to freeze a cup of water solid in precisely 5-6 seconds; and if that cup of water is Boiling and you throw it in the air, it WILL evaporate before it hits the ground. Trust me i Do this ALL THE TIME. Yes, it is FUN!
When i went to bed the temperature was -50 F. When i awoke 9 hours later, the average temperature outside was 45 degrees ABOVE zero. For all of you who are Not masters of numbers (like me) The temperature had Risen +95 degrees in roughly 9 hours. And when this warm front blows through, YES, the temperature will drop back down to -40 degrees below zero. I don't care what the weather man says; 23 years of living in this environment does not lie.

I love Chinook Fronts, but when it gets cold again yes all the roads turn into pure ice from the melted snow re-freezing and then "Hello! Out come the idiots running red lights and killing people." Time to stay inside till they all kill themselves.. and the sun decides to come back out one and a half months later.

WELCOME TO ALASKA!! ^_^ (don't be an idiot please.. we just got rid of our last group...) mrgreen

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