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Notes From a Student-Artist of Life
My personal notes, observations, philosophies, and experiences in Life and beyond.
My Personal View on Life; Currently
I feel that good and evil are merely perspective and opinion. Life is controlled by both destiny and personal choice, some things are destined to happen, but it is truly us who decide whether it is to be or not, by the choices we make and the actions we take. It is the choices we make in life that get us where we are, and in the situations that we often find ourselves in. Be it desirable or undesirable.

The dramas we see and act upon in life- are merely situations that we have arrived at due to some choice we made either knowingly or subconsciously, in the past. As soon as one learns and understands these principals of life: it just seems a whole lot easier. You start to understand why things happen to you, or others.

Try to imagine life is like a massive tapestry that will never be completed, and it's fibers and colors and patterns are all determined by the choices that each and every human being makes in life. Our interactions and emotions and experiences, good and bad, all make it that much more beautiful. I feel that even sadness and anger and hate, should be enjoyed every bit as much as happiness or relaxation or love.

A 96 year old man once told me his greatest regret in life was that he resisted temptation, he said he wished that he had just enjoyed his life more, instead of doing what he "had" to do.

I believe in life, the greatest accomplishment any living creature can make, is to live every dream they have. ... And then go out there and see what else there is to see.

It appears to me... the sky is not the limit, after all. ^_^

~Sam Sharp

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