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This is a small, but important memory that I have and I would like to share it. (The names have been changed for the persons' protection) Here ya go...enjoy...

Setting: Camp
Month: July
Day: 1 day before camp ended and the day camp ended

"I'll give you each a quarter if you can beat me to the tower tomorrow morning." he said.
"Ok. Deal." I replied. Then Lauren and I headed off to our cabin.
The next morning, I woke up suddenly at about 5:55 am. I didn't bother to wake Lauren up. I just put my jeans, shoes, and sweatshirt on as quietly as possible, then snuck out the door, barely making a sound. The sun wasn't up yet, but I could start to see dark pink and purple streaks in the sky. I shivered and started towards the tower. As I climbed the stairs, I glanced up to see if Trevor was there yet, but I didn't see anyone. I was beginning to think I had won, but when I got to the very top of the tower, there stood Trevor, in his flame shorts and a white T-shirt, staring out at the horizon.
"Sorry I'm late." I said softly. He turned around and smiled.
" That's okay." he answered. I walked over and stood beside him, resting my arms on the edge. The sun was just barely peaking over the horizon. A slght breeze ruffled the leaves on the trees, and I shivered slightly.
" Aren't you cold, Trevor?" I asked. He grinned and answered," Nope." then he turned his gaze back to the steady sunrise.
" How long have you been waiting?" I asked again.
" About an hour and a half, I guess." he said, not taking his eyes off the sunrise. Immediately, I felt bad that I hadn't gotten up sooner.
" I'm sorry." I whispered. He chuckled.
" I said it was okay. Really." I sighed, and looked out over the land. A silence that lasted about ten minutes, settled between us. My legs started to get tired, so I sat down in the chair setting right beside me. I leaned my head against the wall of the tower and closed my eyes. Suddenly, Trevor spoke softly.
" If you still want that quarter, you can have it." He held out a quarter to me. I smiled and shook my head.
" No." I said," You keep it. I wouldn't have taken it if I had gotten here before you." I stood up again, and together, we watched the sun rise higher each moment, into the sky, splashing the sky with colors of pink and orange and red.
" It's pretty, huh?" I asked. He looked at me and smiled.
" Ya...It is really pretty." His smile widened a little. I blushed and grinned back.
I'm not sure how long we stood there together, but I do know it was about 3 hours or more. Together, side by side, so close that I could feel the warmth of his face near mine. Then, right before 8:00am, I asked him the question that had been burning im my mind for quite some time.
" Trevor...do you like Lauren?" He turned to me, smiled and replied," Ya...ya I do...as a..." He was cut off when Lauren came out of the cabin. Quickly, I put some space in between Trevor and I. Lauren looked up at us, a look of digust and jealousy, plain as day, on her face.
" Well, it took you long enough." I called lightly, trying to lighten her mood. Then Trevor added," We've been up here waiting for about three hours." he laughed, but stopped when Lauren snorted in disgust, and walked quickly over to the game building. We met each other's eyes and he held mine for a moment. Then he said quietly," We'd better go see what's wrong and try and fix it." He began walking towards the steps, then stopped and turned to me.
" You comin'?" he questioned. I forced a half smile and nodded. I followed him down the stairs and then stayed behind a ways when he raced off to the game room.
It was my last day with him. My last day, to tell him how I felt. But I just couldn't say it. During breakfast, he tried as hard as possible to cheer Lauren and I up. He made me laugh when he said suddenly," I hate cinnamon rolls" Then, he grabbed a cinnamon roll, and stuffed the whole thing in his mouth. He tried to spit it out of his mouth, but it was stuck, so he ran to the garbage can and had to pry it out. When he came back, he moved his plate next to mine and sat down beside me. My heart lightened a little. Next, he took a foam cup and filled it half full with sugar. Then, he took a big spoonful of it. He turned to me, and tried to say hi, but instead, he ended up spitting sugar bits all across the table. I shrieked and lightly punched him in the arm. Laughing uncontrollably, he opened his mouth again to say he was sorry, and he spit out even more sugar, this time, most of it landing in my hair. Finally, he grabbed his cup and spit out the sugar. After taking a drink of orange juice, he tried helping me get the sugar out of my hair by ruffling my head, and making my hair a mess. By now, I had totally forgotten about what had happened earlier that morning. Trevor had our whole table laughing, including Lauren, and my friend Nicki.
After breakfast we had chapel service. Normally Trevor would sit behind me, but his time he asked if he could sit with me, since it was the last day of camp. So all through chapel, he sat close to me.
After chapel service, we were sent back to our cabins to pack our things, and to clean up the cabins. Eventually, parents began arriving. Trevor's parents had been our preachers for chapel, so they were all ready to go. Sadness crept back into my heart, and Trevor saw it. Lauren was going to ride with them to Omaha, because that was where she lived, and Trevor had a temperary home there. In August, he and his family would go back to Scotland, so his parents could continue to minister to others there. And I wouldn't see him for another 2 years. Tears welled up in my eyes, and threatened to spill over, but I forced them back.
" Bye, Trevor." I managed to choke out. A looke of concern was plastered on his face. I wanted to hug him, but instead I held out my hand. He took it, and we shook hands. His hand lingered on mine for a moment longer. Then, he gave it a small queeze, and let go somewhat reluctantly.
" Bye. I'll see you in...I guess, in 2 years." His voice held sadness in it. I nodded and forced a smile, then I said goodbye to Lauren, and gave her a hug. She didn't hug back. I said goodbye to Tim, Trevor's brother, and to Trevor's parents.
" Maybe someday, Trevor can invite you to come and stay in Scotland for awhile." chuckled Trevor's dad. I smiled, wishing that I could go with them...to stay with Trevor. I waved goodbye, the tears falling slowly. Trevor's expression was grim, as he waved back. Then, they were out of sight. My friend, Nicki came to my rescue. She hugged me and got me to laugh a little, but my heart still ached. It burned even more when Nicki's mom came to pick her up. After Nicki was gone, I wondered around the grounds , waiting for my mom. But everywhere I went, reminded me of Trevor. My spirits lifted slightly when I remembered that Trevor had gven me his MSN addy, and that he had my home addy, and my MSN addy. Finally, my mom came and picked me up. I told her all the great things that happened, and when I was finished, I stayed silent, thinking, thinking about him.

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commentCommented on: Wed Mar 28, 2007 @ 10:14pm
omg thats soooo sad crying thes one guy i met @ camp one year and he was soooo hot i liked him sooo much but i never did tell him in fear of rejection but the last day of camp be for any one left he huged me and said that he was going to miss me the most it made me so happy inside but it just made it harder when i came time to leav cuz then i relized that i was never going to see him again but now it 2 years latter and i dont even really remember his name but i do remember him and all the grate tihing we had fun doing 2gather but now i have a boyfriend so i dont like him like that any more but i still miss him but i still know im never ever going to see him again mabey its i good thing i dont really know but all i know is that s**t happen s**t that u dont what to happen happens alll the time and it suck soo much u u got to dell with it move on and well forgive and forget! heart biggrin ttyl buh-bye

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