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Broken Butterflies: part 2
Well, here is the part you all have been waiting for.... Part 2!
If you don't like it, then boo you.
The men looked frantically for the teenager who had escaped from the bidding room. They looked every nook and cranny that she could have hid in, but no sign of her was found. They walked around, hoping that they would find a sign before their boss would be angry at them. Unfortunately, there was still no sign.
“Dang it! If we don’t find no sign of the brat, we are going to be in deep kempshe!” said the tallest and more muscle built one. He combed through his hair with his fingers from front to back. He did this when he was stressed, and this was one of those times.
“Really, Joey! Gee, I would have never guessed. Right now, it’s all your fault! If you had stayed where you were told, and watched the girl, we would not be in this mess!” said the younger of the two. He started walking across the room in a slightly fast pace, getting annoyed about this. “This should have never happened, Joey. You need to pay more attention, and for now on, that is what you are going to do. You are going to watch the children for next couple of days.”
“Hey! It’s not my fault that the girl escaped! It was also your fault, Marco! Your never told me anything! Plus, Mr. Daniels told us to help calm the crowd anyways, so don’t blame your problems on me,” Joey said, frustrated from the argument. “And to make it like it’s my fault for losing the girl, I have to watched the brats! You idiot!” he said, grabbing Marco’s suit with the last two words. The firsts that held the man suit were big and strong, with minor cuts. The insides of the Joey’s hands were facing himself. Joey slowly lifted him off the ground, with an angry expression on his face. “And your not the boss of me!” he said. He threw him to the ground with a hard thump.
“Though you don’t approve of me being the boss of you, I am! I am a higher rank than you, and you listen to me! Now go, and see if all the kids are all there.” He said that with a an annoyed tone. He took out the pack of cigarettes from his pants pocket, along with the lighter. His slightly long, brown hair was past his ears, his brilliant, green eyes staring back at him though his glasses. “Well, what are you waiting for? Go check them,” he said, headed towards the exit that lead towards the alley. He needed a smoke, so that was where he was heading.
“Fine,” Joey said, annoyed at the fact that he was blaming him for everything. He did nothing wrong, he was just doing what he was told. His short, straight black hair was a jet black color, followed by the his hazel eyes. He was used to lifting all the heavy things and doing the hard stuff because of his strong, built muscles. Though he was tall and big, he could do many things, like swimming and other activities. No one bothered to ask on what he did for fun, being that most people were scared of the man. He put his left hand into the jacket pocket of his suit. He walked towards the room where the children stayed. He didn’t like working their, but he needed the money.
He unlocked the door that was past the dressing room, and peeked in. No one noticed that he was peeking into the room, so he just stayed quiet to keep it that way. He counted how many children their were. “…7...8... 9... 10,” he said to himself, counting the children that were talking amongst themselves. He thought he counted wrong when he got the total of 10, instead of the number of 12, which is how many children there were. He recounted the group again, and got the same number. “This is not good, Joey, this is not good….” he thought to himself as he closed the door, locking it once more. He walked out to the alley in a calm, but fast pace. He did not want it to look really bad, but he knew that it would be anyways. He walked down the steps to the alley, the dark, brick splattered with water, and the moonlight shining down onto it. He gulped, wondering what would happen to him, expecting the worse. “So… um…. How are you doing?” he said, trying to strike a conversation without making it looks suspicious.
Marco looked back at Joey after lighting his cigarette, a puff of smoke following after that. He was wondering why he was trying to start a conversation, but tried to get to the point with his short reply. “Fine, now how many kids did you count?” he said, staring back at him with his powerful green stare.
“Oh, crud. How am I going to tell him without him getting mad? He already got mad at me once, but I have to tell him. “Um… I uh…. counted 10 children,” Joey said, trying to make it look as if it wasn’t a big deal . “This is not going to end up well,” he thought to himself.
Marco looked up from his smoke, not believing what he had heard. He took the cigarette out of his mouth, threw it on the ground, and smashed it with his black shoes. “Did you just say 10? Are you crazy! We have another kid on the lose! Oh, dang it!” he said, grabbing Joey’s tie, pulling it towards his own face close, followed by a puff of smoke that blew into Joey’s face. He stared back at the tall man, his big but younger worker, and gave him the stare with an angry expression. “You are going to find them, before I have you head for dinner!” he said, flinging the man against the wall. Though, he was smaller than Joey, he was stronger than the lady-like features that he had. He held him against the brick wall tight, making sure he didn’t try to leave. “You need to get them back here before the boss is going to kill both of us!” he said, his hand on Joey’s neck. He let go of the man’s tie, letting got of the strong force against him. He grabbed another cigarette, about to light it, but was stopped by Joey.
Joey, grabbed his arms, making sure he couldn’t move it. He pointed back at him, with his stern face. “Now you listen, pal, I didn’t lose him, we both did. He probably left with that girl. That would have been the only time that he could have down it, while all the children were in the dressing room. So don’t blame me for your problems for the time being, because your coming with me, Marco.”
He stared back at his partner for the time being. “Why should I go with you? Because I’m smarter or something? Why the hell do you want me to come with you?” he asked, saying it with sarcasm.
Joey looked back at Marco, moving his hand and setting it on the man’s shoulder. “Because I like you as partner compared to the other people in this place. You’re the only one who even talks to me. That’s why,” he said, looking at his partner for the time being.
No one had ever said that he, Marco, was liked as a partner. He was full of surprise, but carefully not showing it through. He rubbed his head a little, putting the pack back into his pocket. He looked back his partner, and started to talk again. “You know, no one has ever said that to me,” he said, trying really hard not to cry, but it was no use. A tear fell down his cheeks. He lifted his other hand to wipe it away, but he stopped. Joey was already there, wiping the tears from the mans eyes. He had never cried in public before, even when his parents died, he never did. But now, he had just cried. He looked back at his partner, sniffing a little. “I’ll be your partner Joey, so long as you don’t tell anyone I cried,” he said with a small giggle.
“Yeah, I know Marco, you want to keep your reputation. And thanks,” he said, giving his partner a big hug. “Hey, if you ever have to cry, it’s when I’m around,” he said with a small laugh, then the both went back inside the building.
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Community Member
comment Commented on: Wed Jul 27, 2011 @ 06:47pm
i like it! It's funny but cool! heart heart

comment Commented on: Wed Jul 27, 2011 @ 10:40pm
Thank you, thank you very much!

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skys song
Community Member
comment Commented on: Fri Jul 29, 2011 @ 05:42pm
Its really good! mrgreen im proud of you afton! blaugh

User Comments: [3]
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