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Vampireluvr97's Interesting Stuff My stuff that I dont mind telling everyone about.

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"Broken Butterflies" story until another name that's better
Comments are really appreciated and everything! Well, here goes, and sorry if it is long sweatdrop
The night was busy with excitement. People crowding the streets with talk and laughter. The skyscrapers and buildings were filled with light, the stars and moon lighting up the night sky. The shops on the street were doing business with the customers, haggling to get their fair prices, which were more unfair.
Inside a building, the place was full of men around the ages of 25 all the way to 75. Candles lit every table, with women in short dresses and a fancy attire waited everyone. Men's cigars and cigarettes filled the air with smoke and the scent as well. The room was dark, with heavy curtains covering every window. Noise came from all over the room, chatting about the economy and stocks. The auctioneer walked onto the stage, the light shining at his face. His trimmed black hair and blue eyes were the first to be seen from man. His fancy pinstripe suit in black, with a blue tie on top of the black collared shirt. His glasses with the signature of an expensive company shown on the sides. He took the microphone from the stand with his big hands and started the night off. "Welcome gentlemen to this fine evening," he said with his most charming voice. The men drinking their liquor stopped the sipping, the men who blew their smoke stopped as well. All eyes were on the man in the middle of the stage. "I am your host, Mr. Austin Daniels." He paused for the applause had started to kick in. He did his gestures, and the applause silenced. "We will now get on with the program." He gestured the two tall men from behind the curtain. The men were tall and had a muscular build, more of what you would think of as body guards. They brought out something out onto the stage, hidden under a drape. They took of the dark red drape to reveal what was underneath. A cage with the fancy style was there, with a surprise inside.
A young girl wearing a red dress with fake gold jewelry and designs on the dress. "Our first item up for sale is this young girl, with the age of 14," he said, pointing at the girl in the cage. She was partly unconscious at the time and did not know what was going on. "She is one of the nicer items that we have for sale tonight gentlemen, so don't miss your chance on this one. This girl is a very loyal girl, doing whatever she is told to do. She is a fighter as well, so she might be better as a bodyguard," he said with a laugh. Followed by his laughter, more people joined in. The laughter silenced back to what the noise was before. Mr. Daniels returned to the point of the matter. "Her name's Victoria, and it matches with how she looks. Her hair, a nice dark brown, like the color of dark chocolate for all of those chocolate lovers out there. Along those lines, her hair has a nice, lose curl that is easy to style into any way you prefer, but watch out for her bangs. Her hair is long, down to about the middle of her back, and if you don‘t like it, you can always cut it," Mr. Daniels said, stroking her hair." Her eyes are a very rare color, a beautiful purple eye color, like the amethysts that are rich in color." He walked over to the girl, her head facing the ground. He went from behind the cage, and put her head into his hands. "Her face is a very special look as well, part foreign as from what we can tell," he said, raising her head to the light. Everyone went into aw from her pretty face. Her eyes glittered and shined in the light facing her. She tried to turn her head, but couldn't move. He let go of her head, and told the men to take her out and hold her to the crowd.
They did as he said, but did it gently, to make sure the merchandise would not be damaged. They held her up to the crowd for all to see. Her ivory - like skin had a touch of the sun, but just a little. She looked older compared to her age, being that she was 14 but looks like a 16 year old. She had about size 7 feet with slick black ballet slippers. Black stockings came from her feet to just below the knee. Though she did not have great legs, the stockings seemed to have made it that way. Her dress landed nicely above her knees, along with the nice cut top of the dress. Her nails were cleaned and polished and made them really shine with the gloves that matched her attire. The neatly sat her down in the chair that was in the middle of the stage after showing the crowd. Mr. Daniels made it back to the stage with the focus of everyone still on the girl.
"Well then, now that we have introduced Victoria, we will now start the bidding. The bidding will start at 50 million dollars." Immediately following the man price, the crowd started shouting out prices from all over the room. From the back of the room, someone yelled 75 million, while soon afterwards, someone raised the other bid to 100 million dollars. They all kept fighting to get the highest bid for the girl.
Victoria was now started to see better after focusing for a long time. Her hearing has also gotten better as well. She heard all the crazy bidding all over, and wondered for what. But as she felt her dress, she knew this was not hers. She looked at what she was wearing, and started to worry. She tried to say something, but then saw the two tall me on the each side of her. She tried to move her hands, but they were handcuffed together, along with her feet. One thing that she knew was that she would never wear the outfit she was wearing. She usually wore pants, shirts, and hats. She played guitar, listened to music, and practiced her video games and skateboarding skills. Victoria was looking at the handcuffs. She remembered what a friend had taught her about how to get out of them. While no one was looking, she did what her friend told her so long ago. She squeezed her hands through the handcuffs. but her hands were a bit too big. She remembered the other way her friend taught her, which was to uses a hairpin and pick at the handcuff. She reached to her chocolate colored hair slowly, as to not cause suspicion. She felt through her hair to find a hairpin with her long fingers. "I don't want to know what is happening with the crowd, but I am getting out of here," she thought to herself.
Finally, after a minute or two, she found one. The bidding price for the girl had gone from 100 million all the way to 150 million dollars. She grabbed the pin swiftly, and started to pick the lock in the hand cuffs. She jiggled her way from right to left, to up to down, trying to get it opened. After a while, it was released, but it made a click. It was not very loud, but she did not want anyone to notice what she was doing, so she stopped. No one seemed to noticed what she was doing. The guards moved over to the Mr. Daniels and tried to take care of the crowd going mad. She noticed what was happening by now, so she quickly started picking at the other lock. This one went faster that the other. She slowly took of the cuffs on both her hands and feet, and gently and slowly put them on the ground. She glanced around the room so no one would notice what she was trying to do. She slowly got up from the cold, metal chair and quietly started walking. So far no one saw what was happening. She was almost at the curtains, when she saw it. One of the guards noticed that she was gone. He poked the other guard to look, to make sure he wasn't seeing things. She decided not to stay, for she did not want to know what they were going to do. She quickly continued what she was doing. She looked back, no one behind her gladly. She ran through the back room full of outfits, makeup stations, and other people waiting to be sold.
One little boy looked at her, and tugged on her dress. He looked up at her with his innocent eyes. "Hey miss, where are you going? said the little boy, who looked to be the age of 7. She looked around suspiciously, but then looked back at the boy.
"I am running away from this place," she said, but then put her hand on his head. "Don't worry, I am coming back for you, John." she said the last word with a tear forming in her eyes. She loved the little boy to death, and never wanted him to be lost, but there she was, leaving him in this horrible place. She kissed him on the forehead, and John whispered to her.
"You better be careful, Vicky, I don't want you to get hurt," he said with smile and a small tear.
"I won't, mister," Victoria said with a smile. She gave him a big hug, and left towards the door out. She had her hand on the handle of the door, when there was a hand on her shoulder. She didn't want to looked behind, but then thing talked. "Take me with you, Victoria," said the person. She quickly turned around, and saw who it was. It was James, the oldest person at this place besides herself.
"Please, I know all the streets around here, and I am really fast," James said, grabbing himself clothes. She started to nod her head, and said no.
" James, if I do, who is going to be here to protect the younger ones? Huh? Did you think of that?"
He put on some of the clothes on immediately. "Yeah, I know that, but did you forget the twins? They know martial arts, and they are younger than you? Oh, don't forget Emilie, she is really good at tricking people, and then there is-," said James, stopping in mid sentence.
She looked back at him with a small smile. "Yeah, I knew those things, but at the moment, if they spot me, then we're both dead." She thought it was a really bad idea, but she knew that he was right. All the kids here are smart kids, knowing stuff from Martial arts, to the skill of lying. She looked back him, looking as if she was going to regret it later, but she agreed. "Fine, you can come, but tell them what's going to happen. I'll grab jackets for both of us." She said that while walking to the racks to grab James and herself a jacket.
He quickly filled the kids on what was happening to them. "And remember, whatever you do, don't tell them what happened, got it?" He said with a thumbs up. Everyone did a thumbs up to them, and one of the younger kids asked something. "Well, they won't sell us tonight, considering that they are after you, but along with that, whatever you do, don't get caught!" he said.
"We won't, Einstein," said James and Victoria in unison.
They quickly left the through the door. and looked both ways of the backdoor. They ran towards were there was a big group of people, walking through the street. They ran into the crowd, pushing their way through, saying sorry while going though. Victoria looked back, with James beside her. She looked across the crowd of people, looking for the guards from the place. The building that all the children were being bought from was called the Orphanage, from what they heard. But the title on the building said "Daniel's Business Place." She thought how stupid a name that was. They kept running, until they went into an alley. They were both huffing after running so fast.
"Well," said James looking at Victoria.
She looked back at him, and said, "Well what?"
"Were they following us?"
She closed her eyes and smiled. "No, not from what I could tell, unless they decided to use people who were shorter than the crowd,” she said with a small laugh. She had not laughed in such a long time, it was a weird feeling to laugh. She brushed her hand through her hair from the front to the back. “So, what are we going to do next, since you wanted to come with?” Victoria asked James, her fingers stroking her long, curly hair.
He looked back at her, with one of his arms resting on his bended knee. He stroked his hair, wondering what he got himself into. Not knowing what to do, he made a face, trying to think of what to do. His facial expression soon changed from what it originally. He looked back, and said, “Well, I know a friend of mine who doesn’t live that far from here. If we can get there before they find us, we’ll be fine. Any comments on that?”
She looked back at him after looking up at the stars. She pondered for a moment before she answered. “Well, do you know exactly where it is? We don’t want to go to the wrong house. Then, we might want to change out from these clothes, so that we wouldn’t look out of place. Plus, this dress is making me itchy,” she said, scratching the right side of her stomach.
“Well, I know where it is, because I had been there almost everyday when I was younger,” he said with a grin. He knew where it was, because that was where his brother went missing from. He never told anyone, and was not planning to tell her now. He turned his head towards the street, noticing anything strange from the now big crowd. He did not see the guards yet, that was a good thing. The down side to that would be that they are hiding away from sight to see them get out of their hiding place. He did not want to take any chance on being spotted, so her turned back to Victoria. “Well, so far I don’t see them, but they could be hiding for all we know, waiting for us to show ourselves,” James said, with a short pause after the sentence. “But I know the shorter way to his house from here, so we’ll go that way,” said James, pointing to the opposite side of the alley, which was on the other side of Victoria. He pulled himself of the ground, and dusted himself off. He walked over to Victoria, and gave her a hand getting up. “And on the bright side, there is a thrift store on our way there, so we can get out of these stupid outfits.” He said that like there was a fly that would not leave him alone. They both looked at their clothes, and noticed how out of place they were compared to what they usually wore. James wearing a tuxedo, and Victoria wearing a dress and jewelry.
“Well then, we should started going,” she said,” before we are spotted.”
They both nodded at each other, and started walking towards the direction that James pointed in earlier. Before they walk outside the alley, Victoria pulled her hair back into a ponytail, tied up in a ribbon. James always wondered why she tied her hair up with a ribbon, but he never bothered to ask. “Why, by any chance asking, why do you put your hair into a ponytail with a ribbon?” he asked with curiosity.
She looked back at him, still putting her hair up. “I think better when my hair is up and out of my face,” she said with a smile. “Unfortunately, they cut my hair and gave me bangs. They are horrible, plus with my hair, they don’t stay where I want them. But oh well, they’ll grow out.” After finishing her hair up into a pony tail, they looked for anyone on the street. No one was there. James ran first to the end of all the building where another street open up. When the coast was clear, she ran as fast as she could in the stupid shoes they gave her. She almost tipped in the end, but made it back to her feet before making to the end where James waited.

Thanks you all for reading this! It makes me really happy for some to read this far! That is all I have at the moment, but more will come soon for my awesome readers! heart whee

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comment Commented on: Tue Jul 26, 2011 @ 06:22pm
Awsome story! biggrin biggrin biggrin It's so good! Can't wait for the next part!

comment Commented on: Wed Jul 27, 2011 @ 05:38pm
Why thanks you! that is nice to know!
Alright, chapter two is going up now, so go check ti out everybody!

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Community Member
comment Commented on: Thu Dec 01, 2011 @ 10:51pm
this is really good so far! Keep it up!

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