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Something that'll never be read..

Aoi Twizted Ragnarok
Community Member
A friends DA jounal entry
Oh me gosh I just got home from the Cosplay Campout and all I can say is


My lord I missed everyone so much,and this just made my life (ATM) so much bettterrrr

Even with all the fun, It was so EFFING HOT.

It was so bad at moments I couldn't breathe! >:0


WHAT IS THIS ********?!


Ok Me and Roady were the 3rd party to show up ^^

Which is weird cause...ormally we are one of the first ^^;

Blah blah blah...~ Itw was hot people showed up ladadah~

We played marco polo!

I think i came in second place in epicness~ Right behind out hibari~

I only got caught twice! >:3

So we went to the park and took pictures and such~

Me and Alois kept clinging to each other whenever we could ^///^;

After we went to an AMUSEMENT PARK~~~

It was so pretty! The lights were so bright and happy!

It looked like a scene right out of an anime!

I was dragged onto a scary ride OAO

It was a giant ship that swang back and forth~

I felt so bad cause I was clinging to Alois's hand for dear life!

Ok Now to talk about something I really want to describe!

My first kiss >w<

If you were at the campout you may think it was at the wedding.

Well you would be WRONG.


In truth it was when we went to the amusment park like a half hour before ^^;

We went on the ferris wheel together!

At first I was like YAY FERRIS WHEEL 8DD

But then I was like, Oh gosh...*blushes*

So...We cycled around the wheel once and then we got stopped at the top.

I unno if it was to let someone on or off~ I didn't really care ^^;

It was really pretty out cause it was night and the amusment park was lit up with flashy lights 8DDD

Well she randomly leaned into me and...that was that ^///^;;

My face lit up like a fricken tomato!>.<;;

Uwah! But It was an amazing first kiss, and I am extremely glad that I shared it with her...~

Later back at the house we had the wedding!

Our minister SUCKED.

I love Road but that was just sadddd XDD

She got the names horribly wrong it was kinda funny XD

And We both said I do and she kissed me again, and I turned into a Tomato ...again ^///^;;

That niht no one really slept.

I mean that litterally, No one slept all night like we pulled an all nighter XDD

All night Alois was kissing me(just like pecks on the lips nothing weird!)....SORRY IF WE DISTURBED ANYONE BY LIKE BEING ANNOYING! >.<;;

Her kisses be nice =w=~<3

We kinda clung to each other all night ^^;

Next day was not as fun but still fun ^^

I do admit I teared up a bit when we had to go!

I am such a sap T~T

The real tears started when I got home though

Cause like I was laying in bed and I SWEAR I COULD STILL FEEL ALOIS NEXT TO ME.

Like I swear It felt like she was laying next to me again!

I legit started crying cause I missed her that much.

I swear I could still feel her touching my shoulder and lifting my chin.

I could hear her say "I love you" ;A;.....

I'm done crying now but.I still really miss her.....

Hopefully she can come down on the 30th~

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