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A Day in the Life of Kairi
Pineapples, soda, glitter, and cops.
Yesterday was my friend's 16th birthday. She's a really good friend of mine, so my friend's and I HAD to do something special. So, we bought a pineapple (long story), a Jolly Rancher soda, Doritos, and cupcakes. He stopped by her house while she was at dinner with her mother and one of her friends. We decided to put a different item on each step, the Doritos on the first step, the cucakes on the second, the soda on the third, and the Doritos on the third. Mrs. Margie (my friend's mother) just happened to have a bad of Jolly Ranchers in her car so we put Jolly Ranchers on the steps and on the railing. We had two FULL tubes of glitter, which were empty by the time we were done. We left change all over the place as well, including a pile of change in the leaves of the pineapple. We made a 'ghetto' pimp cane out of an old wrapping paper roll and the left over wrapping paper. We wrote out '16' with sticks on her sidewalk with glitter surrounding in a circle. At some point, we noticed someone looking at us through the peak hole and we figured out, her brother was inside. We ran and hid in the car, he came out to talk to us. Being the idiot he is, he locked himself out of his house. Now, their mother has A LOT of security issues, so she has an alarm in the house. Her brother decided to get back into the house through the back window, and forgot to cancel the alarm. So, about ten minutes later a cop shows up. He was very weirded out by what was on the steps, and asked if there were drugs included (we laughed SO hard at that.) He eventually left, and we all had a good laugh. We waited outside of her house for, probably about two hours. When she finally showed up, her face was AMAZING. She was so happy and was GLAD we did all of this for her. Last night was the BEST night EVER. Hope you had a good Birthday Lex! heart

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