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Arkelle's Nonsense
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Farina (Finneon gijinka)


Name: Farina (Faa-REE-nah)

Nickname: None

Species: Finneon

Nature: Modest

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Build: Moderately curvy, pear shaped. Moderate bust, maybe a full C.

Height: Slightly shorter than average. She appears a little shorter than she is because she has short legs.

Hair: Very long hair that cascades to her lower back. It has a loose romantic wave to it, and is a deep navy color. Her bangs have been pulled up into a small bouffant-like poof on the top of her head. It is held with a large clip with butterfly –like wing coming from both sides, out. The rest of her hair is pulled very loosely in a ponytail, tied at about shoulder-blade level. Some of her hair falls from the sides of her face and streams down her cheeks in romantic tufts. Also has fin-like hair accessories coming out of both side of her head about at ear level. These are light blue in color.

Eyes: Very large, innocent, child-like eyes. Pink in color. The shape is very round, giving the appearance of a surprised look. Eyebrows are naturally shaped, soft, and rounded rather than pointy. Her eyes always convey a feeling of innocence.

: Light pastel pink lipgloss. Mascara. And very, very rosy cheeks.

Distinguishing features: Her most prominent feature is her big, innocent eyes. When you look in them you can’t help but feel at ease. Also has a very beautiful collarbone area, and slender, long fingers. Also has a very cute button nose and small pouty lips, as well as big rounded cheeks.

: Farina wears a slightly body-hugging one-piece dress, mid-thigh, that is navy blue at the top and graduates to a light blue toward the bottom. At the bottom it also has randomly sized pink dots scattered about to mid- thigh, getting smaller as they graduate to the top of the fabric. The top of the dress does not cover her neck/collarbone area, and instead cuts across her chest at just past the shoulders. Has a pink elastic band to hold the dress up across the arms and bust. The sleeves are full length and flare out at the ends, they hit about mid-hand and have a waved edge as well as the same graduating dot pattern on the main dress. The sleeves also have the same butterfly-like clip on the top of where the sleeves begin, just under the elastic band. The wings come out from her arms and are clearly visible. The dress comes to about mid thigh and has another pink elastic waistband at the bottom. It is slightly tight fitting against her legs. Shoes are light blue ballet flats with a pink lining around the rim. Does not wear socks or leggings.

Personality: Farina is a quintessential shy, modest girl. For the most part, she is kind, loving, and epithetic. She is, from a distance, the ideal image of perfection, in her looks and gentle demeanor. However, this is not always the case. She can get along well with almost any female, but it does take her a while to fully open up. However, it is obvious when she comes within a certain distance of any male, she becomes different. She can go from bursting out in laughter to as silent as a mouse when a man approaches her. Should any man attempt to talk to her, she will most likely bow, and run off. And, on the rare occasion a man should ever try to touch her, she goes into a complete panic, sometimes involving screaming or thrashing. It is apparent she has a deep, deep fear of men, but she has yet to come to terms with it. She tries to hide it as best as possible, but she can’t help overreacting around males. This fear is probably deep-rooted, but so far, she has not told anyone the reason. But, despite her intense fear, when she is not around men, you would never know how easily breakable she really is. Farina, being a gentle soul, will cry when she looses friends, and hold your hand when you are hurt. And though she has never been in love, her passion is love stories. She writes very deep romantic love stories, most of them actually, being between men. Many people find this odd, as she doesn’t communicate with men very often. But, she is extremely talented, and you would never know she is actually inexperienced at love herself. Her greatest dream is to be a novelist who writes love stories powerful enough to bring many people love. But…in her true shy nature, she does not tell people that she writes, or has an extensive collection of, boy love stories. Not even her close female friends know yet, as she is too embarrassed about it. She uses the penname “Seraphina Nerelle” on her stories, so that is anyone ever found them, she could come up with a coverup. Anyway, though her shy, modest nature can sometimes be a barrier, it is what makes her the gentle person she is. Anyone who has met Farina can honestly say she is someone you will remember for your entire life.

Friendships: Does not make friends quickly, and takes a bit of time to get to open up, but once she becomes close friends with someone, she will have those friends for life. Starts becoming friends with Iliana after realizing she needs to conquer her fear of men, and looks up to her as a mentor.

In a partner: N/A. At this point, it is unsure if she will ever conquer her fear of men, or if she will always have her fear. So, right now she has no intentions of dating men. Though, if her fear of men never fades, she may think of dating women. It is uncertain what path she will take at this point, and whatever the gender, her future partner would need to be willing to take a challenge, as she does not open up easily.

Relationship: None.

Refs: c: None yeeeet

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