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Arkelle's Nonsense
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Iliana (Illumise Gijinka)

Name: Iliana (ill-E-ah-nah)

Nickname: Axel calls her Illy sometimes, but she does not like this.

Species: Ilumise

Nature: Sassy

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Build: Slightly thinner than average. Not very curvy, with a modest bust.

Height: Slightly shorter than average, but has long legs.

Hair: Purple in color. Has bangs on both sides of her face that curl inward lower than mid-cheek, held by two yellow clips on each side. Wears a loose, voluminous high ponytail that curls outward at the ends. Hair in her ponytail comes to just about mid-neck.

Eyes: Blue in color, with a large, innocent, youthful rounded shape. Eyebrows are high and thin.

Makeup: Allways heavy mascara. Sometimes wears blue eyeshadow. Naturally rosy cheeks.

Distinguishing features: A few freckles on her cheeks. Sharp judgmental expressions. Flirty eyes. Usually has a bit of a pout. Stands straight in a confident manner.

Clothes: Old-fashioned Victorian-esque styled Lolita dress with a full skirt, black in color. Has puffy blue sleeves that come just past the shoulders, as well as blue front pinstripe paneling detail on the bust. Has a high white collar closed with a orange ribbon. The skirt portion of the dress in detachable at the waistband, held by a purple snap button on the left side. When detached, reveals a swimsuit –like bottom half of the top, also black in color. The inside of the skirt is lined with a layer of white lace, that is just visible from under the skirt. She also wears semi-transparent blue pinstripe leggings under the “swimsuit” –like outfit, that covers from hip to toes. Over the leggings she wears long black socks, that come up to mid-calf. Shoes are purple ballet flats with small ribbon detail at the toe. Also wears full length black gloves/sleeves that cover her entire arm and hands, under the puffy sleeves. Wears one yellow bangle on each hand.

Personality: Iliana is a flirtatious, confident teenager who isn’t afraid to do scandalous things to get what she wants. She shamelessly flirts with almost any man near her own age. She is also rather naive, and believes in love at first sight and true love. Like her sassy nature would give away, she is confident and isn’t afraid to argue her points. Though she is often stubborn and selfish. Because of her less than voluptuous body, she gets easily jealous of more well endowed women, and feels the need to compete with them. It truth, she is very sensitive about herself, and does not take criticism and insults easily. She is constantly trying to become the center of attention, and has a intense fear of being alone. She grew up as a forgotten child in a large family, and a loner in primary school. In high school she changed drastically. She started dressing in more reveling clothes and virtually changed everything about herself in hope that people would like her. It worked, and she became the confident socialite she is today. She has many friends and is very popular. However, some people call her fake for being so easy to change for others. Though she hides it well, she is actually very insecure with herself, and lives in fear that one day she will end up alone, so she trys her best to be liked by others. Despite her obvious flaws, she is a good person. She is very funny and loves to hang with her friends. She is also passionate about homemaking skills. She loves to cook and sew new clothes for herself. But sometimes her over zealousness can cover up her good qualities. She also falls in love very easy, at as such gets her heart broken often. Though, it doesn’t stop her from finding another love. She also tends to compete with females for attention from males, so she usually has more male friends than female. And something not everyone knows about her is that she trys to help loners and people who are bullied gain the confidence to stand up and fight for themselves. Her methods may be harsh and misunderstood by some, but her intentions are pure. In a nutshell, Iliana is a dominant personality that not everyone can keep up with.

Friendships: Can make friends easily, has many friends, but does not keep then for very long. Considers Farina a good friend, who, at some point, meets and trys to get her to come out of her shell.

In a partner: Male, Ages 16-25. Right now, she is only really concerned with physical aspects of a relationship, and because she falls in love so easily, does not really know much about the type of man she would want as a serious partner. Though usually dates the bad-boy type. Her ideal match would be someone who could compete with her fast-paced dominant nature.

Relationship: No serious relationship at the moment. But is constantly dating less than perfect guys. Axel, her close childhood friend, wishes to be more than friends, but Iliana does not return the feelings yet.

Refs: c: none yeeeet

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