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yoi otabi wo happy trip

koi miazaki 3
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Ate Interview
1) Do you eat kanin there? Of course I do! We have it 3 times a day
2) Do you do salosalo there? as in you sandok your own food and not like Americans that you have ur own food on ur plate? We don't eat like Americans but we do eat out a lot.
3) What is your favorite food to eat for breakfast? I like eggs a lot!
4) Do you eat cereal? if you do, which ones? I eat so many kinds of cereals. Sometimes I eat rice crispy, Sometimes I eat kix, sometimes coco puffs, Special K, it depends because there's so many kinds.
5) Do you watch any Filipino channels there? I don't but my mom does. We have the TFC channel. She's always watching the dramas but I'm not a really big fan of those. Can't stand them lol
6) What is your favorite tagalog word? I don't really have one X D Can I say that?
7) How many people are you at your house? There's 5 of us there use to be 7 but my grandma and grandpa came back to the Philippines. We have one dog too.
cool Do you know any Tagalog songs? I know a few I know some of Carol Banawa's songs because I'm related to her. I also know bahay kubo.
9) Favorite snack? I have too many favorite foods. I'm not sure what my favorite snack is it changes all the time. Sometimes I crave ice cream and sometimes I crave cake. I don't know if you consider cake a snack but I snack on cake when there's cake around. I also like rice crispy treats.
10) How do you greet your parents when they come home? I kiss them on the cheek and say buenas.

1) What do you mostly do in fb? Do you mean face book? I don't really post that much stuff I mostly just reply to messages when someone talks to me. Sometimes I comment on things but not that much.
2) Did you have any childhood crush? It's so hard to recall but I have high school crushes for sure. He's not even handsome either. . .
3) What is your favorite wacky face (describe) Wide eyes. More scary than wacky
4) If you smell something icky, do you try to smell it again (ex. you know the smell of anit when you don't take a bath) Sometimes I do.
5) Describe yourself in one word Child
6) Favorite softdrink Yakult
7) weirdest thing u did when u were a baby? When I was sleeping with my mommy I was picking my boogers and sprinkling it on her face and she eventually woke up.
icon_cool.gif Favorite part of ur body to scratch when itchy It depends where I itch.
9) when u are bored...which part of ur body do u mostly play with...and how? I don't really play with my body when I'm bored. I usually go on gaia or write in a journal.
10) Do u play with barbies and how? I've been done playing with barbies since I was 9
11) Stupidest thing u did that u really regret? I wish I didn't ignore my studies throughout school. I could've been a really smart person if I wanted to a straight A student with honors classes and advanced placement classes if I tried.
12) Resolution? I wanted to be more responisible but it never happened
13) If you see a ghost talking to you and she's cute..but her head is twisted like eww...what would u do? I think anyone would be scared of that. I would think it's the end of the world because that kind of stuff isn't real.
14) On what parts do you have mole? I have one on my finger and a couple on my legs I have one on my cheek too.
15) A superstition that you believe in ....(could be zodiac sign or something)
I don't beleive in superstition. I just never beleived in that kind of stuff. Why beleive in them when you already beleive in God right?

1)What is your favorite song of all time? I don't really have a favorite song because there's just way too many awesome songs out there. I would say that I like listening to "Don't stop believin by Journey" but that's just one of the songs I like listening to. That would be awesome if you listened to it. It's kind of an old school song though. It's older than me. XDhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDY2I5pni90
2)What do you do on fridays? Try to study and then probably go on the internet.
3)Do you read Harry Potter books? Yea I read probably 2 books. They're very thick books with so many pages so I felt so great and accomplished when I finished one lol.
4) Are you fond of Twilight? Eww no I don't like it at all. I think it's overrated.
5) What do you wear when you sleep? A shirt and shorts.
6) As of now, how many big pimples do you have? None but I don't have the perfect skin.
7) Shoes ur wearing right now? I'm barefoot
Favorite thing you did yesterday? Eat cookies.
9) The nearest event that you are excited about? Oh man. Nothing C_c
10) Do you know how to whistle? Since when? Lol I don't know how.
11) What do you and your sister mostly fight about? There's nothing specific that we fight about. It's different each time. Usually we don't fight.
12) If you need to change one part of ur body, what is it? My flat chest. That's probably what makes me look like a child.
13) A celebrity that if you could trade places would be wonderful? Hahaha Lady Gaga.
14) Describe your attitude in one word? Random
15) Favorite color? Blue
16) The thing you most recently bought? A purse for my mommy at mothers day. icon_heart.gif
17) Do you take a bath in the morning, afternoon, or night? and why? In the morning because that's my routine I'm so use to it.
1 An icky secret? Nah I don't really have one but if I did it wouldn't be a secret if I told you icon_wink.gif
19) Describe the weather there in america nowadays? Sunny then cloudy then hot then cold. You never know when it'll rain either. It's weird.
20) Are you open to hearing the teachings of other religions? and why? I wouldn't mind to listen only because it makes me realize how loving the God I know is. It also makes me see how much more accurate the bible is compared to other books like the Koran and how my God isn't a statue. He's the best God there is I mean, he died at the cross for my sins and I don't deserve it but he did it anyways because he loves me very much.
1) is there a song you made? Nah I'm not that creative.
2) a problem right now? Everything about school.
3) are you always early at school? I have no choice I have to be otherwise I'm kicked out if I'm late a certain number of times.
4) 5 things you would do in the Philippines? Visit you guys, visit my family members that I've never met, Eat amazing food, Go shopping, and tour around the islands.
5) your cologne? Is my deoderant
6) farthest place you've been to? Cancun I think.
7) is your room tidy? No way.
how many people had a crush on you? Hey recycling my questions! *makes a fist* hahaha about, 15.
9) have anyone confessed their feelings to you? how?
There's like seven so I will only tell you one. I had a friend named Lance from summer school he's adorable because he has such a baby face and he's a white boy and looks like a human version of chicken little. I had to give him a hug one day because he was so na gigigel then at the end of summer he told me he liked me. He said the hug made him like me or something. I felt bad because I made him sad because I told him I didn't feel the same way. He texted me with his phone and I was just sitting right next to him. ; _ ;

10) what's your drawing specialty (the thing that you draw the best) ?
Drawing things that don't make sense. Abstract art.

1) What the hardest subject right now?
2) Lowest grade you got in a test?
3) What's ur schedule in school?
4) Have you ever tried having a long hair? if so, how long?
5) How often do you cut ur nail?
6) What do you think is the reason that u have many suitors razz ?
7) How do you go to school (by details smile ) ?
cool Favorite thing about ur sister?
9) Have you watched toy story 3? which do you prefer? shrek 4 or toy story 3? and why?
10) have you ever kissed a guy?
11) A thing ur addicted right now?
12) Do you send group messages on the cellphone? how often?
13) Do you sing in school?
14) The thing that you hated the most?
15) What happend yesterday? razz
1) What the hardest subject right now? Nursing hahaha one subject.
2) Lowest grade you got in a test? In my life? F but in my class right now C+.
3) What's ur schedule in school? I have school Monday-Thursday I have friday off Saturday I have school and then Sunday I don't have school. I don't like the schedule...
4) Have you ever tried having a long hair? if so, how long? When I was little I wanted to be like Pocahontas so I grew my hair up to my waist but my mom cut it off. ;_;
5) How often do you cut ur nail? I cut it every time I see it growing a little bit but I don't use nail cutters I have a bad habit of biting my nails.
6) What do you think is the reason that u have many suitors razz ? I don't know, because I'm sexy? HAHAHA jk I don't know why I don't even fix myself. Maybe because I don't show interest in guys is the reason why I attract some of them idk.
7) How do you go to school (by details smile ) ? Uh my dad drives me there lol. I don't know how detailed I can get.
cool Favorite thing about ur sister? She's a great artist and she's there when I need her.
9) Have you watched toy story 3? which do you prefer? shrek 4 or toy story 3? and why? I've watched all the Toy stories. I like 4 the best because the plot is the most interesting but Andy was kind of creepy lol. Seriously who in this world in their 19s-20s be so attached to their toys?
10) have you ever kissed a guy? NO X_x lol
11) A thing ur addicted right now? Gaia for sure lol.
12) Do you send group messages on the cellphone? how often? I'm too lazy to text people or carry my cell phone so I don't really use it XD
13) Do you sing in school? Nope.
14) The thing that you hated the most? About school? I hate clinical and the pressure of having to keep a GPA of a B since the tests are way too hard.
15) What happend yesterday? razz
This one fake FBI guy came to our house and my parents weren't there and they were questioning me about having to talk to my mom but I told them she wasn't there and they were being persistent like "we're not leaving until we get a hold of her" and I was so scared I didn't know what to do.... They were harassing me because they wouldn't take no for an answer. I think they might have been fake FBIs. My mom was working for this company one time but she didn't know they where doing fraud things so she had to be investigated too but she's innocent. These fake FBI people are working for the mean people at work because they're saying my mom's part of the fraud but she isn't. Anyway, I was so scared.... They finally left when my mom said ok fine let me talk to them... Then I went to school and took a hard test. X_x

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