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Crystal Knight (E.P 1)
In the city Ookami there were two cat men they were being ambushed by several of the towns men. They were thought to be disqusting for being cat men. So while they were walking home they were ambushed in a back of a allie. They were not holding off to well because they were training earlyer in the day. The white hair'd cat spoke in fear." I don't think we can hold them off much longer..." The black hair'd hissed. "Yes...we can." One of the villagers jumpped at the white hair'd cat and his brother jumpped and took the damage for him. "B-brother w....Are you ok?!" He flinched in pain." Do i look ok...." The villagers laughed. "There weak go for the goal!" They all jumpped at them and the brothers closed there eyes in fear. But they opened when they notice no attack. "T-theres all...hurt what happened?!" Yelled the white hair'd cat. "Hey you guys ok?" Spoke a young mistress. "Huh?" The brothers looked up to see two young girls one with two fans crossed and one with a staff. "They seem ok Suki-chan." The brothers were in confused. "Shut-up Neko-san there clearly hurt....Oh yes um well i'm Suki-chan this is my sister Neko-san." Neko walked over and help put out her hand to the black hair'd cat in a jesture of helping him up but he smacked it and got up. "Whatever we don't need your help." The white hair'd cat smacked the back off his head. "Sorry ladies for the trouble and thanks for the help.. I'm Yotosagi-kun and this is my little brother Ariumi-kun nice to meet you both." He smiled in the most polite way. "ugh-huh" Neko nodded and Suki smiled taking something out her bag. "here are two potions for the both of you it will restore you're strenght." They both stared as potions are for wealthy people only. "Are you sure?" We blunk in union. "Yea..." They grabbed it. "You know these things are like 800-Usagi(Money in there world)" Me and Suki shouted. "8-800 USAGI!?!?" The brother chugged the potions down as I whispered to Suki. "They must of got hit more on there head then we though...." Ariumi heard Neko and flungs his claw at her but she did the matrix (lol) backwards. "ugh-ugh-ugh not 'till you buy me dinner first young man." She kicked kicked him while jumpping back ."Hey Neko-San why'd you kicked him!" She rubbed the back of her head. "Hey went after me first..." Ariumi got up. "Dang you're fast!" She smiled. "Thanks you're not to slow yourself." (Funny way to talk X3) Suki giggled. "Will you guys mind if we buy you dinner?" Yotosagi seemed shocked. "W....where not to loved...in this city." Both of us smiled. "Don't worry you got brains and browns (Didn't know how to spell it) On your side." We said in union. Ariumi seemed pleased. "Let's go to Sushi Palace!" Yotosagi smacked the back of his head again. "That's to exspencive!" Neko laughed. "Haha well don't worry nothings to rich for us right Suki-chan?!" Suki had a sweatdrop. "Are we going to do the 'henhen' again?!" Neko nodded and slapped her back. "Lead the way guys!" They lead the way and while they were walking many people were staring at them. "Hey hold on." Neko said stopping them. "HEY -Curse word- STOP STARING OR ILL RIP YOUR -curse word-OUT!" Everyone stopped staring and left. "Neko-chan did you have to do it so loud." Neko got them started walking again. "Yes." Yotosagi smiled and Ariumi was trying to hid the fact he was smiling. As they went into the Sushi's Palace guards stopped them. "No cats and we need your money miss." Neko smerked and so did Suki. They both pulled there shirts down a bit to show off some cheast (XD). "Please sirs....This one time may we..." Suki and Neko boob hugged them. "Go in free...." The gaurds had a nose bleed and let them all in. "Was that the 'henhen'." Said Yotosagi trying to not have a nsoebleed. "Yesh that was it >=3." Ariumi crossed his arms. "Selling your body what a shame." Neko walced over and stared him in the eyes then slapped him. "You little snot it got you in here didn'it?!" They sat down at a table. Neko was rubbing her head with a angered look on her face. "Suki pass me my pills...." Suki gave them too her and she swalled them without nothing to drink. "Head-ach?" Asked Yotosagi im a conserend voice. "No ...Well yes when i get a head-ach it turns into a migrain so my docotor ->Suki, makes me take these pills." Suki put away the bottle as a buttler came over. "Cats...." I glared at the butler who stared (In disbelife thats someones glaring at him) Back. "Um yes welcome sirs and welcome ladies here are your menus..." He dropped them and ran off. "That wasnt very nice neko-san...." Neko grabbed a menu. "Well im not a nice person...anyway he was going to throw yotosagi-kun and ariumi-kun out...." The brothers looked at each other and then Ariumi spoke cutting the silence. "You don't have to defend us." Suki and neko both looked at them. "Y..yes we do.." They both said in union and they both looked down in there menus. It was once again silence for the moment till a new butler came over. "Um im here to take you...order...." Neko looked up in a smile. "I'll take twenty-four cali. sushi rolls!" Ariumi and Yotosagi looked shock. "Tw-Twenty-Four?!?!" Suki giggled. "Belive me she would eat more!" Neko looked at her."Hey-....Wait that's true ^^;;....." Suki put her menu down. "I'll take a mini king crab butter and soy please." Yotosagi and ariumi put down there menus. "We'll take sala(Short for salamander mixed with flounder.)." The butler took the menu's and left. "He got a weird eye." Said neko being obliviously loud. Suki smacked the back of her head. "Shut up neko-san!" Ariumi looked upset out of now-where. "So why did you invite us here?....." Neko looked at suki seriuosly. "我々は彼伝えるか?" (Translation: Should we tell him?) Suki looked down. "いいえ、まだねこ...あなたイムうそつきの良い知らない何かを確認!" (Translation: No not yet neko... Make up something you know im not good at lieing!) Neko laughed. "あなたは、もう一度それを吸うと言うことができます!" (Translation: You can say that again you suck at it!) Suki shook her head. "ねこサン!!" (Translation: Neko-SAN!!)Neko laughed as Yotosagi and Ariumi were confused on what they said. "W-what?" Neko glared at him. "Beacuse we love you guys!" Suki slapped her back. "NEKO-SAN!" Ariumi and Yotosagi were 100% confused. "You like us?!?!" Neko shook her head laughing."No im just kiddin'!" The butler brang over the food and neko smiled in a crazy way. (Cencored for the disturbing images of neko eating!....and done!) Ariumi and Yotosagi stared as if they just saw a fire truck eat a baby. (What a weird way of saying it.) "W-what?" Neko asked in a weird way like nothing happened. "Neko-san you ate like crazy again." Neko stood up. "Hey butler come here!" The butler came over. "Yes ma'am?" Neko smiled. "A bottle of gin (Strong japanse wine). "Can i see you i.d. ma'am?" Neko looked at him dead in the eyes and he walked away. "Better >=3!" Ariumi smiled."You going to share that?" Neko smiled. "The more the merrier." Suki and yotosagi slapped there head. After the finished and left ariumi was drunk sick and neko was fine. "Poor little boy couldnt handle it ^^!" Suki was upset."You guys drank like 18 bottles each." Neko smiled. "Well i could drink more." Ariumi slouched over and puked. "im never ever going to drink again." Neko laughed. "I drank worse!" Suki looked up."Neko-san do you think we should go now....."

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