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Inuyasha *1
*Deep in a forest next to a lake* Kagome:Hey Inuyasha Inu:What?! Kagome:What does your name mean? Inu biggrin og demon..... Shippo:Why are you asking that? Kagome:I Don't know sudden urge to- Voice:IEEEEEEEEE--- Everyone confused _? Voice:Back the hell off!- Inu:What the hell? Shippo:It's coming from over there *Then ran over and hid in the bush and saw a bunch of skelo-monster* Inu:-Whisper-That's a lot of them White hair'd girl:WHAT THE HELL MAN BACK THE F--K OFF Blue hair'd girl:Kanon what do we do! *The skelo-monsters formed into one very big one* Kagome:-whisper- That's a lot of them should we help Shippo:I don't know this seems cool ^^ Inu:Shhh *back to us* White hair'd girl:Oh i got it Suki charge a ice blast wait for my hit! Blue hair'd girl:OK! -Charges- *The white hair'd girl hit her sword on the floor and the sword burst into flames and she attack the monster the fought till he started to melt a little bit but the the monster clawed her and scratched her from neko to knee and flung her back* White hair'd girl:YAAA *Get flung backward into a tree* White hair'd girl surprised w...Suki go know Blue hair'd girl surprised kie -Lets arrow out and it completely freezes the monster- White hair'd girl:OK *Picks up a tree* Inu,Kagome,Shippo:Holy crap White hair'd girl:TAKE THIS F--KER *Smashes the tree into the monster and it explodes* White hair'd girl:-pant pant- Blue hair'd girl:Kanon!Are you ok? White hair'd girl:Nope-puts away sword-...let's get to the lake Shippo:-screaming-Hey Inuyasha do you think she'll get naked!....Inu:S--T! *The white hair'd girl took out her sword and pointed it at the bushes* White hair'd girl:GET THE HECK OUT! (Me:I notice i curse alot in this ._.) *They got out* Inuyasha:SHIPPO DX< Shippo:It wasnt my fault really! Blue hair'd girl:Who are you people Kagome:Were busted -sigh- I'm Kagome Inuyasha:I'm Inuyasha Shippo:Me, I'm Shippo White hair'd girl:-cough- I'm Kanon Blue hair'd girl:I'm Suki Kanon:Enough of the chit-chat I have to take a bath -_-'' Kagome:Will take you there inuyasha carry her! Inuyasha:I DON'T WANT TO! Kanon:Um you really dont have to..... Suki:.... Kagome:CARRY HER INUYASHA! Inuyasha:NO! Kagome:Fine sit sit sit sit sit *He keep hitting his face on the floor* Kanon and suki:O_O; Inu:OK OK I'LL DO IT! Kagome:hmph *He went over to Kanon* Inu:Climb on Kanon:Ugh you don't have to.... Suki:hmmm.... Inu:it's fine Kanon:Sorry i have to decline that offer if i take the easy way out I'll never forget it ._. Inu surprised k Kagome:So how are you going to get there? Kanon:I'll use my sword as a cane .... Suki surprised k lets get going *They went to there* Kanon:Can you and shippo turn around? Shippo and inu:Why? Kanon:I need to undress shippo and Inu:Why? Kanon:-//-....... Kagome:Sit inuyasha! *He fell on top of Shippo* Both of them:@_@... *And then splash she jumped into the water* Kanon:Suki please pass me the aloe Suki: 'k *She digged into her pocket and got a little bottle of aloe* Suki:here you go ^^ Kanon:Thank *After a while she got out the water not dressed *Neko:weuf finished Inu:thank god so lo- *He turned around* Everyone:..............

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