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I like chicken
what dose this mean.....dose this mean its the end... what dose that mean dose that mean its the end of all time.....i sit up in my bed i have been awake for about an hour wondering somthing what dose this all mean any way what is the sky what is the ground what... what is any thing any more people say the earth will end in 3 years but... but i dont know some times i think there peranode some times i think there rigth or just about right but i not realy in to thinking about the end of the world when im in bed and dont have any thing t do i do think about some sad and strang things that now one under stands some times i think that in the only one that thinks like thisthinks that the world wont end wile im still this yong that god will let me get to the right age like when im in my 70s or late 60s then let the world blow to smitherines but you dont realy now when or if the world will just stop and i mean stop complitly last year i when in to a spiriling deprestion wich was caused by thinking this way that im thinking now i am still islitily int hat deprestion but im still happy but im also in a new depresstion from my own mom calling me a spas ugh that made me think even more about whats going to happen to me do people realy like me or do they just laugh at me beacuse they needed to get cheeard up and im the closest thing to a comideien thats there is the only reson they stand to be near me is the fact that i give good advist to sicuations that never hapen to me like if someone has a prollem with there parent geting devorsed i give advise that works but my parents are still together for now and when some one wants to date some one they alsawasy ask me to tell them ask my for advise to help them ask them out eather i tell them how to tell them yourself or i give them advise or go with them to ask the person out so there not a nervise is it becuse i give off such good oras that they just feel good around me but dont want to be my friend it feels more like im a counsler then a persons friend well i do hav a couple friend that make me feel like im actualy there friends but i wont miction them every time i ask one of the people that ask me for advise for advise they just walk waay thinking she give suck good advise why is she asking me she nows almost every thing...... but the truth is.... i realy dont know every thing im only a kid in my heart but some thimes i feel like a parent with al these kids and teenagers asking me for help....but im ot im there age or older a teenager about 5 years older then me came up to me once and asked me to help her out with a boy i told her the advise and she went and did it when she came back all she did was say it worked and walked waay with out saying thank you for any thing every time this hapens every time im used every ******** time i feel like i shouldnt even belong here thank you for your .... wait if no one says thank you to me why should i say any thing to any one very again i ve been having these feelings ever since i was 8 so what ever

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