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I like chicken
hmmm its been a wile hasnt it......well to tell the truth i have been pretty good i can sleep now i think it was self indused stress or ansomnia well i dont know exatilt but i can definetly say that i can sleep but not every soundly any more i have disocvered that i can draw a lot better then i thought hmmm wonder what i should name my new comic .. here let me give you some detailes its out about as usual a boy and a girl and the girls brother trying to keep him away from the girl the girl and hr brother are new students at a school in tokyo japan but the odd thing is that the boy his name is yocoshi the girls name is commicu and her brothers name is this is funny it was off the top of my head his name is tamita Xb heh heh well the odd thing about the girl and her brother is that there every qouiet dont talkt o people and they are dark gloomy and down right creepy commicu and tamita are in a class with yocoshi he trys to make friends with tamita but he always says this when he gets mad and tamaita made yocoshi mad " SHUT UP YOU EMO SPAZ " to any on he meets and makes him mad ,no afince to any emos that may read this, it blurts right out in the middle of class 6 or 7 bad word out of tamita later they were in the pricables office and the princable was going to call there parents but tamaita says" uh i only have a father...and he.. he works down south.." the princable questions him and is convised but yocoshi 's mom is in town so not that good for him but after that yocoshi is a little supishous so he starts to talk to ...you probley guessed it commicu she dosnt talk to him much at first but she becomes his friend she souldnt have invited him to have lunch with her and her brother fist fight mania after about a couple mouths yocoshi is realy starting to like commicu and she just thinks of him as a friend untill she tripes over a crack and he caucher instant heart then and he gives her a ittle kiss on the cheek and they both blush insanly redface after a wile they do start to date but not very fast after a few mouths after he helped her she thinks she can trust him eough to tell him a major secret in her family ya wanna know what it is WELL TO BAD ok ill tell you her and tamitas dad is the grim reaper he dosnt belive her at first but they give some exaples of power the hinherited but they cant kill by toching tamta will get that when his father dies ypcoshi fants you ant geting th ending Xb

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