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My Favorite Quotes
Valgaror the Vicious
Though I might comment that how you can tell anything about anyone on the internet is based on how they present themselves, and if they type like a retarded monkey having a seizure on a keyboard, I'm going to treat them like a retarded monkey having a seizure on a keyboard.

"I have this theory that diversity is an incredibly important thing. Maybe more important than good or evil. The less diversity we have the fewer choices we have - the fewer methods we have to find happiness, justice, love. The fewer examples on which to base out lives."- Paul Harris

Neshira Namea Returns
Twilight relations in a nutshell: And so the lion fell in love with the lamb...then the wolf fell in love with the lamb...soo the lion and the wolf tried to rip eachother's guts out, then the lion got the lamb pregnant...and they had a FISH.

Staircase Wit
Vulgar language is the linguistic crutch of the inarticulate ********]
English doesn't borrow from other languages. English follows other languages down dark alleys, beats them up, and rummages in their pockets for loose grammar.


I slowly and silently sidle behind you, my eyes affixed on a mysterious glow, and lower my hands, taking your fleshy, gold giving mounds into my hands, and firmly, yet gently squeeze and release them, moving my hands around with seductive fervour, smiling as I hear the tell-tale clink clink on the ground.

As my minute ends, I whisper "316/79," in your ear with a breathy voice, and walk off, my pockets all the heavier.

No no! This one is the greatest thing I have ever heard. Today, I was with my mom and my boyfriend at lunch. My phone rings and my mom excitedly says "You have friends!" As I'm about to answer it, she pulls out her phone from under the table and says "Kidding, it's just me." My boyfriend starts cracking up, and they exchange a high five. FML

Downer the Skinner Dog
Haha. Can think of the general organizations involved of the shiny.

Secret Society of Things Shiny. Discuss the greatness of all things shiny. Discuss the alibis of not being involved in unfortunate fates of unlike minded individuals. Discuss more of the omnipotence that is the shiny.

Downer the Skinner Dog
If I ever die... From something equally or more embarrassing I have to request something written that involves epic battles, swords, battles axes, werewolves, and not soiling my pants.

I have an analogy.
When I first started Gaia everyone was walking, but we had never done anything but walk, so everyone was happy. Then we were given bicycles and we didn't know how to ride hem at first, but once we learned we were happy and rarely walked. Then we were given cars, which took a lot longer to learn to use and seemed unsafe at times. However, we got used to the cars as well and were once again placated. Now though, we have recently run out of gasoline and the cars were taken away. So, they are trying to shove everyone onto subways that are crowded, loud, noisy, and smell bad. So you can either ride the subway or get back on your bike.

-takes bike out of garage and dusts it off- I hope I still know how to ride.

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