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AngelicAcid's Nudist Lotto
Front page:

Vain Marionette disqualified

Muun Laydee 1-15, (sponsor: haveah)26-30, (sponsor: Adalido Riftscribe) 33-37, (sponsor: Mr. Eccentricity) 43-47, (sponsor: TigerCatNails) 50-54, (sponsor: Bruxinha_sorridente) 86-90, (sponsor: Rose Dagron) 101-105, (sponsor: faerie_ophelia) 117-121, (sponsor: LostInsideYourEyes) 167-171, (sponsor: Hazumu-san) 182-186, (sponsor: Goofballs Lady) 195-199, (sponsor: Nauka) 205-209, (sponsor: Sahu) 212-216, (sponsor: Poshis2ham) 235-239

LostInsideYourEyes 55-69, (sponsor: Muun Laydee) 80-84, (sponsor: airyn rose) 111-115, (sponsor: Aerobe) 152-156, (sponsor: Goofballs Lady) 188-192, (sponsor: Mokitty) 227-231

haveah: 10k; 16-25
Adalido Riftscribe: 2k; 31-32
Mr. Eccentricity: 5k; 38-42
TigerCatNails: 2.5k; 48-49
Muun Laydee: 10k; 70-79
Bruxinha_sorridente: 1k; 85
iBehLegitx-: 324g (to Muun Laydee)
Rose Dagron: 10k; 91-100
airyn rose: 5k 106-110
faerie_ophelia: 1k; 116
Aerobe: 30k; 122-151
LostInsideYourEyes: 10k; 157-166
Hazumu-san: 10k; 172-181
Goofballs Lady: 1k; 187, 2k; 193-194
Nauka: 5k; 200-204
Sahu: 2k; 210-211
Mokitty: 10k; 217-226
OtherWorldShukumei: 400g (200g to each nudist)
Poshis2ham: 3k; 232-234
milzyPENGU: 300g (150g to each nudist)
Total Raffle Tickets: 239
Total Sponsorship: 126,324g
Current Prize Category: 4th (current month's Monthly Collectible.)

[Sponsor List:]

Name: LostInsideYourEyes
Timezone: +12 GMT (New Zealand, Wellington/Auckland)
Charity/Quest helping:Angelic Acid's Angelic Scarf Quest
Why did you chose them?: Because she is doing it for a good cause.
What item will you miss the most?: My wings D:
Muun Laydee- 10k full event (pg 539)
airyn rose- 5k full event (pg 564)
Aerobe- 30k full event (pg 776)
Goofballs Lady- 1k full event (pg 891)
Mokitty- 15k full event (pg 1052)
OtherWorldShukumei- 200 gold full event (pg 1116)
milzyPENGU- 150 gold full event (pg 1198 )

Total: 61350 gold

Name:Muun Laydee
Timezone: Pacific GMT -8
Charity/Quest helping:Angelic Acid's Angelic Scarf Quest
Why did you chose them?They seem like a really sweet person and I know how long and hard it is to get an Angelic Scarf.
What item will you miss the most?My Gift Of The Gods.
haveah- 10k full event (pg 364)
Adalido Riftscribe- 2k full event (pg 406)
Mr. Eccentricity- 5k full event (pg 463)
TigerCatNails- 2500 gold full event (pg 513)
Bruxinha_sorridente- 1k full event (pg 638 )
iBehLegitx- - 324 gold full event (pg 64)
Rose Dagron- 10k full event (pg 684)
faerie_ophelia- 1k full event (pg 767)
LostInsideYourEyes- 10k full event (pg 777)
Hazumu-san- 10k full event (pg 791)
Goofballs Lady- 2k full event (pg 894)
Nauka- 5k full event (pg 1033)
Sahu- 2800 gold full event (pg 1042)
OtherWorldShukumei- 200 gold full event (pg 1116)
Poshis2ham- 3k full event (pg 1175)
milzyPENGU- 150 gold full event (pg 1198 )

Total: 64974 gold

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