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My babblings and writings.
This journal contains quite much anything i happen to feel like to add to it. I mainly add my stories (Mainly fantasy, sci-fi and war texts.) and sometimes i may add some random things i want to. Feel free to comment about anything, but please comme
A clip from my old story; The Sin War.
It is not going to be continued as i stopped writing it. Yes, i am a mean person twisted ! xd not seriously though. The story tells about a young assassin, Murasaki.
The swearing words are censored as i put the story up to a literaturic site with lotsa stories and such and the rule was for the stories not to contain any brutal violence, sex or swearing. sweatdrop

-The Sin War-
Episode One - The Stream of Darkness

It is dark. Only a thin moonlight is lighting the black streets, the black buildings, the black gates. Black shapes move in the streets and alleys.
Knives flash at leather belts. There are no sounds in the air.
These shapes are assassins, the travellers of the night, that move into another city when the work is over from another. They can't stay in one place for long, as they are always searched for.

In the king's castle yard, in the garden, a blink of a knife's blade occurs.
The Queen, who was on a moonlight walk, falls on the ground, with her throat cut open with a knife.
Another blink, this one from a sword. The assassin falls in the pond, head shorter.
A tall blue shape speaks: "Damn you, all of you! The queen is gone, and the king will be sad, but he will revenge you someday! I will come there with my knights someday, and slay you all... I swear it in the name of Princess Asheline!!!"

In the den of the assassins, only lighted by a single candle;
A man in a dark grey cape talks:
"Setzer has fallen, but at least he did what he had to."

"What!? He was an elite! You must be joking, Kisaragi!?" - a man in a purple hood questions.

"Yes, but he fell for his mission. We were lucky that he got killed."
"Are you crazy!?"
"No, if he would have been captured, his tongue might've slipped in the torture chamber of the king..."
"Oh... Yeah."
"Well, you have a mission too."
"Huh? What kind of a mission? Don't say i have to kill someone high valued person too!?"
"No, you don't have to."
"Kill Leon."
"!!!... B-But he's a elite anti-assassin squad leader!!!"

The man in the dark grey cape (his name seems to be Kisaragi) looks at the purple-hooded man's eyes very sharply and tells;
"I don't give a #%&¤, Murasaki. You know what you have to do, you do it or you die. You can choose, die here in a execution, for traitory and cowardice, or there, bravely for your mission. Anyway, if you go, you might make it back alive."

Later at the same night, Murasaki is on his way to the royal garden.
"Curse you, Kisaragi... I'm just an novice, and i'm sent to kill a man, who has killed 4 of my higher class comrades... First, he killed Arktin, a swordmaster, then Calyps, a shadow stalker, then Alric, a black mage, and just now he killed Setzer, a blood fang... Oh man, i am walking onto nothing more than a sure death. But gotta obey orders....." - he swears himself.

"The @£$%# you looking at!?" - he "gently asks" from a knight in a white suit of armour.
"Uhh... Just at your sword, you are not allowed to take those into the castle area, if you are not given a pass permission.."
"I don't need a pass, or whatever it is then. By the way, it is a katana, not a "sword"."
Murasaki stabs the knight in the groin.
"Uhh! W-What the..!?"
"Hmh, that's what you get from messing with me, matey."

A female shadow jumps out from the alleys straight to Murasaki's way, and with her silver bow and arrows on the ready, she tells Murasaki to draw back.

"Darn, why this always happens to me..." - Murasaki thinks.
"What are you doing here, in the middle of a night!?"
"Umm... Just looking around..."
"And howw about that bloody knife, and your katana? Souvenirs, maybe?"
"Ooohh... I was practicing a while ago."
"The blood?"
"I hit my mentor in the leg."
"Oh, okay.. Go on then."

Murasaki took a step forward.
The woman looks at the dead guard she just noticed.

"Why the heck this man is dead!? Are you a killer or something!?"
"Uhh, no. He was dead when i came. Must've been an accident."
"Yeah sure, this bloodstain is only a few minutes old. I got you! Should've guessed..."

The man in the blue armour (the guy from the beginning) walks past the woman and Murasaki.

"Hey, wait!" - Murasaki shouts.
"Are you Leon?"
"Actually, yes. Why?"
"Nothing, just asking."
"Hey! You're one of those assassins! I recognize your outfit!"
"Oooohhh creep."

Leon slashes, leaving a deep cut into Murasaki's arm, even he tried to dodge.
Murasaki draws his blade, and jumps high into the air.
"Hybrid Wave!!" - he yells.
A big slightly green pressure wave slams into Leon's armour.
"Oooff! Curse you!"
He swiftly waves his sword, but doesn't hit Murasaki. A stone statue, resembling the king, is cut in half.
"WHOAH!!! That's a sharp blade, better keep a bit of a distance!"
Leon rushes onto Murasaki, but Murasaki dodges, as same time, the woman shoots two arrows at Murasaki.
"Bugger! I'm fighting two opponents here, couldn't you just wait your turn, for "#£$%'s sake!!!"

A long while later:

Murasaki can barely stand, as there are so many cuts in his body, and there are two arrows stuck in his right leg.

"What are you waiting for? Kill me now..." - Murasaki mumbles.
"Hahahahaha..... No.. I'll let you suffer, you are not worthy to be killed from my blade, nor her arrows. I'll leave you here."
"W-What!? H-How dare you....."
"I dare, im Leon. Remember that."
"#%&£$ you..."

The woman speaks: "You just can't leave him to die here, Leon. That's sadistic!"
"Well, maybe i am sadistic, then."
"Okay, do what you want, i'll stay here, and keep an eye on him. if he starts to move, i'll just kill him there."

Leon walks away.

"Hey, i'll heal you, Murasaki, i can't stand Leon's attitude. Just don't move now, this will hurt. Here, bite this." - The woman whispers, and waits that Leon is not anywhere near.

The woman hands over a wooden stick to Murasaki. Murasaki mongers something, while the woman pulls the two arrows out, and does some weird moves with her hands.

"Healing gaze!" - the woman moves her hands again, and looks at all the cuts, that Murasaki has got.

All the wounds start to glimmer wtih a bluish light.


All the wounds are gone.

"W-Whoah... What was that all about? I Thought you tried to kill me too..." - Murasaki asks.
"Actually, i just wanted you to stop attacking, as Leon almost killed you, if i would've hit you in both legs, i would have wounded you, and at the same time, saved your life."
"Wow... Thanks alot. I'd like to know the name of the one who saved my life."
"Okay, are you going to leave now?"
"No, i'm going to take you into an resting place, because even you are now healed, you still can't walk, as the healing heals you, but at the same time, it drains as much energy that treating them yourself would take, it is just quicker."
"Oh... Embarrasing... I can't even walk on my own..."
"It's okay. Hey, put this on, and take off that purple hood."

Asura gives Murasaki a white robe with silver marks all over it.

"Wow, are you sure!? This thing looks expensive.."
"Go on, put it on. You can't go to a known place, looking like an assassin."
"But.. I am one.."
"Yeah, but you can't look like one."
"Oh, yeah, okay."

Murasaki puts on the white robe.

"Let's go."

Later in the Inn of the Three Dragons;

"Hello, what can i do for you?" - The innkeeper asks.
"We'd like a room with two beds and a possibility for herbal treatment." - Asura tells.
"Okay, i'll check if there is a free room. Please take a drink or something while you wait. The table number 12 is free."
"Okay, thank you very much!"
"It's nothing."

Asura and Murasaki seek the table 12 and sit down.

"Quite empty.." - Murasaki wonders.
"Well, you see... `The Rider´ is rumoured to live next door."
"THE Rider!?"
"Yeah. But it's just a rumour, and i am not afraid of rumours."
"Ugh... Can't we seek another place? I get 'da creeps."
"Calm down. You are frightened by rumours, and you call yourself an fighter?"
"Just kidding."
"Whew, i thought you were really a coward."


Asura and Murasaki both started laughing.

"Hello, the room 8 is free. Here are the keys. You can pay when you leave." - the innkeeper says.
"Thank you." - Murasaki said
"No, Thank you for coming here, quite a few people come here these days.."

A few hours later, after the evening snack;

"Let's go to our room." - Asura told.
"He-Hey... We don't have our own rooms?"
"No. We sleep in the same room."
"What!? I want to sleep alone."
"I have to keep an eye on you. And i need to cure the wounds i couldn't heal on the battleground."
"What's wrong with that?"
"You thought of escaping during the night, didn't you?"
"N-No, it's not that!"
"It isn't? What then?"
"Okay.. I admit it, i was trying to get back to my mission."
"WHAAAATT!? In that freaking condition!?!?!? You really want to kill yourself...."
"No.. It's that my boss hates delays.."
"Well don't work for him anymore."
"WHAAAATT!? It's my freaking income!!!! You really want me to die to hunger!?!?.."
"I can supply you enough money to change your job."
"I don't want any alms."
"Come on."
"No. Let's go sleep."

Next morning (maybe around 5 o'clock);

Murasaki woke up to the smell of smoke.

"Fire! Run for your lives! Get out from here!!" - the Innkeeper yelled downstairs.
"Oh geez. I gotta get out!"

A black creature came out from the wall.
The creature looked like a shadow with dark purple shining eyes, and dark grey teared-up angel wings.

"What is this thing..? What it wants..?"

The creature steps up and speaks with it's dark voice:

"Numbeeerrrr... Twwwoooo... Must... Kiilllll..."

"Muuuraaasaaakiiiiii... Diiiieeeee...."
"What are YOU!?!?"
"I aammm yyooouuurrr nniighhtttmaaarreeeee..."
"Get out! NOW! Oh god. I need a weapon."

The creature looks at Murasaki and smiles an evil smile.

"M-My katana! It's not here!"
"Mwhaha... Aasuuraaa toookkk iittttt..."
"Don't babble nonsense!"
"Shheeee iisss oonnnee oofff uuussssss..."

Murasaki hears a weird voice in his head.

"Seek the truth, from the white depths of your mind.
Seek the power, from the deep red of your heart.
Vanquish the darkness from the dark shadows of your past."

Murasaki rises his hand, and says something he doesn't understand himself.
Red, maybe japanese marks start to glimmer and whirl around his right arm. A sword made from deep red light and white diamond is in his hand.

"You shall be gone, beast! Taste the wrath of the dimensional blade!" - Murasaki says.

Murasaki's eyes glimmer, as he yells something.

The monster is split in half. No blood is spilled. Only a black unknown liquid covers the wall and the floor.

"Yyyoouuuu... Shhhaaallll... Nnnoootttt... Lliiiiveeee... To see tomorrow!!!"

The creature bits explode into a black smoke cloud, screeching terribly.



The sword is gone. The creature is gone.



A voice speaks: "Murasaki, you have been created in a stream of darkness. So you will be uncreated in a stream of darkness. Remember that."



Murasaki opens his eyes, and realizes that he is still in his room, and the fire is spreading.

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