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My babblings and writings.
This journal contains quite much anything i happen to feel like to add to it. I mainly add my stories (Mainly fantasy, sci-fi and war texts.) and sometimes i may add some random things i want to. Feel free to comment about anything, but please comme
The beginning battle of my story; The Land Long Forgotten
This is the raw version so it may contain some mistakes and i will sharpen it later on to look a bit different from now. This is just for me and the people who want a taste of the story beforehand. sweatdrop
"A land long forgotten. That is what the tale tells about. The tale never to be told." - The Wandering Hero, Jægmunt.

Some soldiers were walking among a snowy mountain path. A war shout sounded from the upper summit.
"What is this!? An ambush? Crap! Get in line!" - A high-ranking soldier with a white buttoned jacket and a pair of black pants yelled to the others.
Just like from nowhere a group of vikings jumped down from a ledge with their weapons ready.
The two sides were standing on a icy and narrow path.
"For Azür!" - The vikings shouted and began running towards the soldiers.
The soldiers drew their weapons too. A viking berserker with a horned helmet and a long red beard with some war paintings on his face danced among the soldiers. It was a dance of death. He spun and jumped around letting loose furious roars every now and then. He was almost completely covered in blood as the heads of many of the soldiers fell on the frosty ground. The other vikings charged at the soldiers who found it was hard to move in the cold. It had become very cold all of a sudden. It was so cold that even the blood spilled from the soldiers froze solid before it even hit the ground. The vikings' battle fury colored their eyes burning red and kept their body temperature high.
One of the biggest soldiers had killed at least ten of the vikings. There were at least two body parts hanging and a lot of frozen blood on his pike.
"Get youself together and move! Don't let the cold get to you! If we turn back we'll die anyway! Fight!"
The viking berserker got an arrow through his mouth. Another arrow pierced his right leg. He ignored them and kept swinging his twin-bladed axes around.
"God damn those enemies! What kind of monsters are they!?" - A smaller soldier yelled.
The berserker finally started to lose his strength as many soldiers hit him with their swords and pikes.
"Take him down! NOW!!!" - The soldiers started to charge at the berserker.

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