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~ Something interesting has just run through my mind.

~ I always complain about how everyone is so over dramatic and how I'm so sick of all the bullshit, hypocrisy, lies, and. . . well drama. You know? Like when a girl always complains about how guys do this and that and that she's done with them but the next time she talks to you it's about how sexy a guy is and how much she wants to screw him or how nice he ********.

~ Or like when a guy gets caught dating two chicks at once and then shaves off his shoulder length hair for a new start and has to regain the trust of most of his friends then gets a new girlfriend and starts hitting on you and tells you that if only he could he'd date you in a second and takes you along with his girlfriend and other guy friend out and tries to turn you on while his girlfriend is asleep on his shoulder.

~ There I go ranting again. stare But anyway. What I'm trying to say is that maybe I notice everything and it bothers me as much as it does is because I see things about people or situations that I do or feel without realizing and am projecting it subconsciously by finding it bothersome and essentially a pet peeve.

~ So I guess what I'm saying is that there's secretly allot more about myself that I might not like but I don't even realize it and I'm surrounding myself with people that I hate only because I hate me and they're like me.

~ Does that make sense?

~ I dunno. I shouldn't think so much. Or drink. Or try both at the same time. I'm done. talk2hand

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