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Cronicles of a Homocidial Were Bunny
I'm an italian girl interested in practise English, in music (especially historical metal bands) and in roleplay. I consider myself a "metaller", a kind of people that seems to be in extintion. But i have still voice! There are not only emos! :p
Fifth day on Gaia. Not a very good day in the real life, i've passed well an university's exam, but i'm full of mosquito's bit and an ankle hurts. But i'm not here to complain!

Yesterday I forgot the song of the day. Maybe I can add two in this post, but i'm not so inspired, so is one.

Today's song is: Hearts on Fire - Hammerfall

We saw the writings on the wall
When heathens ruled above us all
Tormented, we still heard the call

You come to bring us down
Wield the scepter, steal the crown
Time on the throne is running out

'Cause seasons change but we are still the same
Even though the cold winds blow we're burning like a
flame '

Hearts On Fire, Hearts On Fire
Burning, burning with desire
Hearts On Fire, Hearts On Fire
Burning, burning with desire
Hearts On Fire, Hearts On Fire
Burning, burning with desire
Burning for the steel

Hearts On Fire

For years shunned by society
Outcasts, condemned for our beliefs
Our legions grew in secrecy

And now, the time is here
I see the Templars everywhere
The Freedom Call is drawing near

We hold our rebel banners up with pride
The colour's crimson and the Hammer is the sign


Hearts On Fire, Hearts On Fire...

Hearts On Fire, Hearts On Fire
Burning, burning with desire...

Hearts On Fire!

Hammerfall are a Swedish band. They make song about Templars, but not the historical Templars, they sing about the so called "templars of steel" that means a group of people that believe in the values of metal.
Unlike Manowar and others band, Hammerfall play sad and beautiful love ballad beetween their "war" pieces, and are a bit ironical, especially in their videos. For example, in "Always will be" the vampyre that burn dumbly in the sunlight is not a member of the band, they are the other vampyres that mock him!

I suggest you this video:
Hearts On Fire
The Swedish Curling Team is TRUE!

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