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Cronicles of a Homocidial Were Bunny
I'm an italian girl interested in practise English, in music (especially historical metal bands) and in roleplay. I consider myself a "metaller", a kind of people that seems to be in extintion. But i have still voice! There are not only emos! :p
This is my forth day on Gaia. I have spent most of my time collecting garbage all around the towns, and some checking the market and customizing my house. Ah, home sweet home! Now I want to play The Sims 2...

Collect garbage, catch bugs, shopping...not very epic things. Surely Manowar or Hammerfall will never made a song about this. But let's try to "make up" and get an interesting story.
First, I'll write like I really collect garbage in my life...just a little little bit of roleplaying form the point of view of my PC.

This morning I was going around the houses of my town to collect garbage. I already get enough paper to make white cat ears, and I was wearing it. I have a stick with a nail to catch garbage, and an old shopping bag to collect it. There was some wind and the pieces of paper flew away from me. I had to run!

Now, I try to make all this fact a little epic.
It was a dawn of battle. The enemies were in our town, and I was the one enough strong to beat them. On my head, the legendary Helm of the White Steel Lion, crafted with the weapons looted from my previous enemy. I wield my mighty spear, and my fierce gaze was enought to make them to run, breaking their lines.

Aww, I have a lot of road to walk...

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