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{Vampire} Moments fatal affection {One-shot}
This is an old one shot that I made a few years ago and is now fixed up and ready to go!

please read and comment heart


Dim lights as well as unpopulated streets create an obscure vibe as I traveled through this old town, making my senses be on alert at all times. It only be a few more miles before I reached the illicit forest, were I planed to meet up with an old companion. I was glad to have ridden the chains that linked me to this distasteful providence of a life had been born into.

My family never once showed any thrilled emotion when I had been born. They had hoped for a boy so that he could take charge of the house hold. Around the age of 12 my other had given birth to my brother, Teal Isis. Father spoiled him with gifts of love as I stood near the corner, watching as I played with a china doll, probably the only thing I had for toys and child enrichment at lest.

Suddenly we were in debt and had to find a way to regain our states, meaning something had to either be traded or sold, which happen to be me. To insure we were out of the debt, father decided to arrange a marriage with the man he had owed. When I turned 17 he finally told me of the arrangement, making me fell in shock, for the very man who was my husband to be treated every thing like filth, including me.

My solemn features never changed, but I could feel a heavy thump in my heart that my family would treat me this way. Griping the midnight cloak around my slender form, I witness a figure appear from the not to distant trees. Though its ace was coved I could vaguely see the masculine body, telling me it was a man in his very early twenties.

"I thought you be a few minuets late, but guess you got here earlier than I expected." His voice was devious, as he somewhat glided over the dirt path. "It's been awhile Lena, and you have grown very nice too." I only star at him through the cloaks hood, not bothering to hide my annoyed face. "It looks like you haven't changed one bit Mage." His lips curve upward as he revealed face within the moonlight, giving me a fanged like smile.

"Well enough with old greetings, let's get to my home before the sun begins to appear." He gently placing a kiss upon my revealed cheek, he led me away form the town were I was born, making me embrace the ever dark, thriving night.

-2 years later-

The sounds of angry men wisp through the night, as I and Mage ran through the ever twisting path laid out before us. A bundle was cradled in my arms as I held on tight to the precious gift, hoping we out run this sinister night. Mage cried out to me as he helped me up the hill, desperately trying to get both ourselves away from these hunters that dare take our lives.

Unexpectedly they caught up, making Mage more frightful if they were to get us. Finally, he turned from me, kissing my lips sadly and run into the direction of the hunters. I try to cry out but he disappeared into the woods, making me know he wasnt coming back. Crying in frustration I take this time to run up the hill, for it was the only place that led to freedom.

The sting of blood trickles down my wrist as I glance up to see spears flying at me. Dodging them, I continue to race upward but fall down and land upon an old stump of a tree. The smell of the salty ocean rushes through my nostrils, causing relief to wash over me now knowing freedom wasn't so far.

Pushing my self forward I begin to climb to the top, determination plastered on my delicate features. These men that were hunting us were the very ones that served my family. I would not die by theirs or anyones hands. My arms felt weak as I used ever once of force to pull myself up to the ledged of the hill. An exhausted smile found its way to my lips as I looked down upon the bundle, savoring the last peace I had.

Yet, it wasnt long till the shouts of those men arise again, causing every bone in my broken body to shiver. There wasn't a chance I would make it in time, not even if I had accepted to be a vampire like Mage had offered but I declined. Now I was paying for it, for not only I had to protect myself without Mage, but my own gift that was cradled within my arms

Gathering the last energy I had, I wobbly walk next to a bush with lilies all overt the ground with an old willow tree beside this hiding place. Placing the bundle under the tree, I smile and kiss it before I fled. Wishing that one day I could see how she would grow up to be. With on last breath, I step near the rocky ledge, seeing the village men begin to arrive.

With a small, but gentle smile I begin to cry as my wavy blond hair flew into the star dust sky. My gray eyes widen as one man charged at me with his spear, calling me the devils wife as he came at me. Without warning his spear stuck me, causing blood to run down my pink lips. My movements became stiff as I heard the men cheer, saying that the monsters wife has been slain like him. A tear drips down my eyes, knowing Mage and I will be back at each others sides.

My body finally gave way as I descended down to the murky tides. Smiling as I died that day. Funny how one moments affaction could lead into such a fatal way

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But if Love comes my way
(Save me before I make a bigger mistake.)

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This is what happens when you have a project with doors and weird zombies XD

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