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Tesai bio
Tesai is another of my longtime Gaia OCs, so here's his bio.


Tesai is an effeminate dark-magic using warlock and his origin story is akin to an enigma shrouded in a mystery that was buried in a can of worms by Schrodinger's cat.

So Tesai was at one point a student at the Generic Magic School, where he studied dark magic, often experimented with crossdressing, and he developed a rivalry with the frost mage cliques. Eventually he left the school due to ambiguous circumstances.

In his dealings with the forces of evil, he stumbled upon an ancient primal force of the multiverse known only as the Eternal Darkness. He beseeched it for aid in gaining power, which the Eternal Darkness agreed to at the cost of killing a loved one and sacrificing its soul to the entity. Though unconfirmed, Tesai once offhand mentioned that he killed his own parents to seal this bargain.

What Tesai does not know, however, is that the Eternal Darkness, while a real entity, is far less concerned with the matters of its benefactors than the mage thinks. Tesai regularly kills and sacrifices victims to the Darkness at every new moon, but the Darkness would not notice nor care if this schedule was kept.

The use of extremely powerful dark magic has warped Tesai's mind and made him a chaotic and narcissistic, though not wholly unpleasant, individual. He has also taken his crossdressing habit further, now only rarely donning 'masculine' attire.


Tesai is still a mortal man, though incredibly difficult to kill. The powers granted to him by the Eternal Darkness are numerous, but he knows only a fraction of his true potential. His use of magic is tied directly to his blood.

-Appearance shifting: Though not a shapeshifter, Tesai can alter his appearance at will. This usually comes in the form of eye color, hair color/length, etc.

-Grasp of Shadows: Tesai's primary weapon that he uses are tendrils of pure dark magic that extend from the inside of his wrists. These tendrils can change shape, extend or shorten at his will, and are most often used as mid-range melee weapons for stabbing attacks. When not in direct control by Tesai, they writhe and move on their own like snakes.

-Black Blood: Tesai's healing factor. He bleeds very dark blood. When he takes grievous damage, the power of the Darkness within him, colloquially called the Internal Darkness, stitches his wounds up without any conscious effort from the mage. It is not instant and can be interrupted if new wounds are made faster than they can be healed.

-Patron's Last Chance: As Tesai takes damage, his mind begins to break. If his body ever takes enough damage to knock him unconscious, he may lose control of the Darkness within. It will cocoon him in a protective barrier and erupt like a formless liquid to engulf and kill nearby enemies in a final, desperate, primal act of force.

-Alternately, Tesai can release the Darkness within while still conscious and enter a form of sinister, mindless hunger that utilizes his insanity and mercilessness to its fullest extent. This form is very rarely seen.


Tesai carries no weapons, preferring to use his dark blood magic to get the job done. He has occasionally created weapons out of the Darkness, usually a dagger, but it is rare.

Though he often wears lighter clothing, Tesai sometimes wears armor (though of the 'sexy lady' variety), which can increase his survivability at the cost of maneuverability.

He can run in heels.


Tesai is not very vocal about what can kill him. However, while the known list is short, it can be assumed that any suitable amount of force could get the job done.
-Holy magic and weapons have been seen to stunt his healing factor.
-He used to have an issue with his magic being unable to affect hollow tubes. He got over that.
-Bombard him with rainbows or pastel colors, he'll be too disgusted with your 'fashion' choices to fight back effectively.

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