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Yup.................. no idea what to do
Things I’m not….

I am not that pretty. I’m not that intelligent. I can’t spell and have a horrible memory. I’m not that personable. I have half way done pretty much everything. I am not that good of an artist. One of my eyes is slanted more than the other. I am a hairy person. I don’t take good care of my self. I am not sociable. I’m slightly off, but just off enough for someone to notice. I have a hard time talking to people who don’t understand me the first time around. I don’t take good care of my hair. I’ll probably be missing a few teeth by the age of 40. I’m knock-kneed. I don’t have good fashion sense. I can’t draw that well. I can’t read fast. It takes me twice as long to do something compared to my siblings. I’m not smart. I’m trustworthy to an extent. I’m not skinny. I don’t have enough common sense. I can’t really do much of anything. I have a hard time saying no. I get scared easily. I have a hard time understanding why people prettier than me don’t think they are pretty…. Or beautiful people for that matter. I give up quickly. I don’t have much fight in me. It takes me entirely too long to divert my energy. I shake when I get angry. I shake really hard when I am nervous. My skin is not smooth. I don’t have long sexy legs. My breath stinks… so do other things on me probably. I’m not sexy at all. I don’t do my finger nails. I don’t do my hair. I haven’t done anything with my toes either. I have bad aim. I laugh at everything. I’m not fast any more. I cry a lot. I feel sorry for myself often but when I think of others I feel worse. I’m not inspiring. Sometimes I talk way too much. I’m a failure… a failure in so many ways. I can’t keep things that make me happy to myself. I can go on probably. I can speak for days on what I am not. What I don’t understand is what you’re looking at, so of course I don’t believe you. But I like when you say it, because even if I don’t believe you, for a moment it makes me smile. That despite all this, all things I fail at, you don’t think I do.

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