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theRenAgAde 2015 journal
it might not be as i plan. but i hope to put interesting things here in the journal. so.. keep a poke out if you want to know more.
WELL HERE IT IS 2015! (well nearly)
OK gaians let me get something out in the clear.

I know this post is prior 2015 for the sake of the journal as an introduction.
not only to the journal but to myself.

so. heres the run down of TheRenAgAde

born in 1984 ( yeah i am old)#
loves to play video games, write lyrics, write storys, roleplay,make artistic stuff, solve puzzles, play bourd games, customising things, making music, listening to all types ( besides pop) of music and many other random things.

hates humanity, society, rules of govermental instruction and pretty much everything non-sensical, illogical, ignorence and stupidity.

my good personality traits are, im giving, i am caring, and i try to help others.

my bad personality traits is pretty much everything else.

habits.,.. many

addictions... few ( if any)

ideology ( lets not ... and say we did)

Religion ( lets say we did .. but maby not)

outlook on the world .. Rusty from True Detective... i aspire to be as enlightened as him.

past - chaos in a teacup of anarchy

future - owning the world and loving the apoc.

are you getting the drift. .

ok Laymans terms..

I am with a shadow of a doubt.. THE most clever man I know... im not book smart.. im not well educated, i am just CLEVER... like. smart mouthed.

i have an answer for everything. i dont care if its good for you or not.
my veiw my rules my life.. see this - points to his head- this here is GOD, the DEVIL, REALITY AND ALL PARADOXES EVERYTHING... it is MINE.

- points you your head - and that... is your GOD your devil.. blah blah blah what i just said... BUT it is YOURS.

if you dont try to crush mine... i wont obliterate yours.

oh also i am well aware of these facts.

arrogant, hypocrite, narsistic, a**l retentive, a-hole , " eliteist", and any other word you can use to discribe my disregard for anything other than my views....

BUT... . heres the kicker.. you ready??

i am tollerant of all walks of life, all philosophies,.. and get this.. i WILL think things that you cant possably understand because of your programming.

more on those subjects later.

but now for the happystuff...

i am married.
i have 4 cats
my gaming clan is called "[Ka]rmic [En]forcers" [KaEn] gaming clan
we are on xbox 360 ONLY.
i support the marfans awareness raising fellowship in thier quest to make more people aware of the crippiling degereative disease called MARFAN SYNDROME

so look it up please
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MARFAN SYNDROME<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

OH.. and the last peice..

if you want to know more just message me.. or sit in room with me.. or better yet.. read the entries that follow.

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