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Ok so listen to this!

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stare Ok so My brother came to see me for the summer and we were having a silly conversation when he made an awsome point about Adam and eve and evolution smile He's so smart for a 17 year old. any way he was telling me that He believes The "cavemen" came before adam an eve for the simple fact that after god made all the "Animals" Adam and eve so it says in the bible where the first intelagent life and it never said how long they were in the garden of eden. 4laugh And im sorry white peole but yall will just have to come to terms that Adam and eve were black ...."Dark skinned" cause there aint no logical way they were blond and hairless. any way it says that they ...Adam and eve named every living creature. And Eve didn't start having kids till after they were kicked out of the gaurden of eden .....Dosen't that suck God through in all that just to mess with us >.> Sneeky Basterd. But after we started talking about it and thinking about it the bible is a bunch of storys with morals in which to live our lives he never went in to detail on how every thing happened but then he really ******** us by the tower of babble HA He mixed Evelution with magic and now no one knows what to believe lol So at the point of the tower of babble is when we got all other cultues. Well i got more to say but i'll save it for later ^.^ the bible makes more sence to me now hope it doese for some of yall as well now ....Well at least the begining. whee God i love making yall think 3nodding

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