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Life can be hell Me and life and what ever i want to write

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the day we become butterflies - Chapter 3
Chapter 3:
London Alien Ulala...

Hara Ulala (18 ) is currently residing in London.
Has a vision that is both idiotic and grand.

“That sparks!! He gets on my nerves. How dare he treat me like that! Me! The future queen of the skies.” Hara licks furiously at her chocolate popsicle.

Though timid, a self proclaimed ruler.

Then she stops and looks over at me as we sit on the small brick wall in the parkway mall. “Oh but don’t tell anyone about that. Okay? They’ll just think I’m crazy. Just you ‘cuz your special.”

Phrase of habit “I love you zuru”

“I know your wondering why huh? Well because I love you zuru.” she says stuff so calmly.


Now this is
Zuru jacklon (18 ) currently residing in London.
Is the standard of normality.

“Hara please remember that even idiotic statements have limits.” I sigh and place my chin in my palm. Such and alienese… but somehow I don’t mind.

A bit on the tense side.

She jumped up and placed a hand on her hip in timid anger. “You just thought what I said was stupid didn’t you? Oh that’s cold.” She shifted to her next foot and got a look of moping. “It’s the truth! Got it? My life evolves around you, zuru!”

An anxiety riddled.

I sigh and scratch my ear. “Ok. Alright.” I glance over at her as she sits down. Weirdo

Typical 18-year-old.

Sitting cross legged she licks her popsicle. She sure does love those popsicle things. I sigh and look away. Hara says I do that a lot… You know sighing. she says it isn’t good for my lungs that it’s just as bad as smoking. She’s such an alien. She lightly coughs and I look over at her. Her hand in a fist right by her lips touching them. She coughs deeply. One of those coughs you think sick people would have. Come to think of it she’s never gets sick. She stops and spits out a wad of phlegm. I wrinkle my nose and shake my head. “Wow hara I think you won the world cup for nastiest think ever to come out of someone’s mouth.” She licks at her frozen ice on a stick and smiles over at me replying. “You should see what come out when my cough is really bad.” I wrinkle my nose even more. “That’s sick. How come you cough but are never sick?” she shrugs knocking off the question. I unwrinkled my nose and watch her finish off her popsicle and toss it into the garbage. I glance down at my watch. It’s almost 5:48 Pm. I sneer. “Hay hara… its 6:00” She gasped and jumps up grabbing her books exclaiming “Holy strips!” after picking up her books and hugging them in her arms she glimpses down at her watch. “I’m guna be late for work!” I stand up and dust off my butt. “Isn’t this your 5th job since you gotten here? I don’t know why you even bother your going to be leaving son.” She groaned and placed her books in her black messenger bag. “What is it you French people have against me! So ok my first job I kept dropping the croissants my second job I couldn’t make the chocolates right. You french are all about perfection of romantic atmosphere!” I laugh as she gets ready to walk off. “Of course! It’s our nature to be romantic.” She makes a sarcastic laugh. “Then why don’t you stop being so melancholic and stop sighing.” I c**k my head to the side and curse in french under my breath as she walks away. “I heard that.” She says and stops to turn around and look at me. “I work at the video rental place over yonder.” She pointed over into the direction she was going. “Over that way. Come and visit me when you got the time. I think I finally got a job I can hold till I move.” She chuckles and waves as she walks away a couple of steps. “Well see yah zuru! See yah again tomorrow! Let’s defiantly meet again tomorrow! Okay zuru?” I wave and nod. She turns and runs off. Better be getting home.

Hara’s such a strange person. She’s always going on about the sky like she wants to be a bird or something. Why can’t she just see she’s stuck down here with the reality of life? What’s the point of making friends if you’re going to leave after not even staying for barely 6 mouths? She’s such a weirdo. Yet somehow I enjoy being around her air of stupidity.

Everyday at school someone asks me about hara. Sine she’s a foreigner everyone wants to meet her. But I never let them. “Hay zuru that seminar you go to. What’s it like?” I pick up the paper from my fathers hospital desk to bring it to him. My friend follows me. I look at him and react. “Their teaching method isn’t bad.” He smiles. “So who’s that other guy that goes with you?” I look at him confused. He responds.” You know the foreigner guy who’s really tall and wears that messenger bag?” I try to hold back my laugh. “You mean hara?” He smiles excited. “Yah! I’ve only looked at him from behind so I never really saw his face. What’s he like?” I can’t help but laugh now. “Hara is a girl!” He looks surprised and runs his hands threw his light blonde hair. “Really? Wow she’s a tall one!” we laugh a moment and leave the office locking the door behind us. “So what’s she like?” he asks after his zillion of questions asked already. I exhale noisily. His over excessiveness of questions is annoying. “She’s a space cadet from south high.”

She talks in such a way so that I can’t understand. Like in a coded way I can’t seemto decipher. Morse code or something. Does she want to speak like such a dork? Or is she just plain brainlessly sick?

“…and then, and then he asked me witch on of the David Chappelle series made me cry the most!” She chuckles. “This old skinhead dude!! It totally rocked!!” I sit at one of our discussion group desks chair with my chin in my palm watching her talk and half listening to her story. Hara… why are you such a mystery that I want to unwind? Yet one I want to leave alone and unsolved. You never tell me about you past life. Only the people you have meet the people you miss. You say you love me hara but do you really? I don’t even like myself? So how can you like me so much? What do you love about me? Do you truly love me?
I didn’t realize that I had closed my eyes in thought and I felt her warm palm on my forehead. My eyes snapped open and I looked up at her sitting on the table in front of me. “What’s wrong zuru?” She moved her face down to mine and pressed her forehead against mine. “Spacing out like that? Oh! Did I bore you with that story?” I pushed her head away in embarrassment. “That’s not it!” Her lips were so close that I could smell the cinnamon in her breath. She coughed again the one that sick people should have. She reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle. She pulled out a huge white pill and popped it in her mouth, swallowing it without water. How come I never noticed she could swallow pills with out water? I can’t stand swallowing pills. She pushed the bottle back and coughed once more time before turning back to me. “Hay zuru I got my moped license the other day. Just tell me if there’s anywhere you wana go. Okay? I’ll take you anywhere you want.” She smiled the friendly smile she did the first day we meet. “Even to the stars.”

Hara had this meteor she would carry everywhere inside her messenger bag. She would stroke it from time to time and smile. It was a small, paper weight size, burgundy color as if it belongs to mars. Maybe that’s where she came from. Maybe that’s where she’s going…
She also had this note book. She made me read it when we got to know each other a bit better. She said her best friend wrote it, something to do with pink elephants and what not. It was childish yet I felt like the words were meant for me like they where stating my story. Poor hara she’s not a good liar I could tell that the hand writing in that note book was hers and hers alone.

“Zuru your grades seemed to have slipped on the last test.” I sit in the opposite side of my father’s desk. “It’s not a problem…” I feel myself flinch as his hand bangs on the desk. “It is a problem zuru! How do you expect to take over for me if your grades are down lower then a hooker school girl!?” I nod my head and stand up. “Its not a problem I cant fix.” He leans back in his chair satisfied. “Good. That’s what I want to hear.” I leave his office and glance at my watch. 8:27. Guess I better go study. Then as I’m walking out of the hospital and towards home I remember hara’s words to me. “I’ll take you anywhere you want. Even the stars.” I look back at my watch. 8:32. I guess I got time to study later.
I step up to the small video rental store called. “Captured on film” It’s a family business owned by some Japanese people. That’s probably why she got hired. I open the door and the small bell rings on the bar above me. I glance up. She’s standing on a ladder about twice the size of me. She doesn’t look down but yells to me. “Welco- gah! Whoops it’s backwards!” I walk up to the foot of the ladder and poke her on her ankle. They where showing because of the baggy tan capris she is wearing. She looks down and grins. “ZURU!!” she drops a tape and it clanks onto the floor. “opps..” she giggles and climbs down. “I’m so happy you really came to see me!” she bends down and picks up the tape the walks over to the cashier’s desk. Her desk. She walked onto the seller’s side and I stood on the buy side. She coughed lightly and put the tape in her hand in a box. “Lets see… I totally recommend this!” She pulled out a DVD called “The Seven Samurai.” A black and white movie… I sighed and she looks at my face. I glanced around tiredly looking at the piles of movies in the corner, the walls of movies and shelves of DVD’s, nothing that sparked interest to me. She picked up the movie she recommended and opened it. She spins the disk with the tip of her index finger. “Did something happen?” She didn’t look at me but kept her eyes fixed on the disk. I stopped my pointless search of finding something interesting and looked at her. “Not really.” She looked up at me and closed the case. “You know I’m your ally zuru…” I turned showing my back to her and leaned on the desk. “Huh?” I feel her staring at my back, her intensive hazel nut colored eyes… They remind me of caramel. “You go ahead and do what you want to do. Because even if everyone else around you becomes your enemy and I’m the only one left. Ill still be your ally zuru.” I was too tired to understand anything or what ever she was trying to say. “What the heck are you talking about? I don’t get it at all.” You alien.

She placed the movie down and looked at me excited. “Let’s take off somewhere right now!”

But to tell the truth I always find salvation in this alienese.

“Wow!! So your family does own that hospital!” We zoomed on her moped down the now dark street. She stopped at a red light and I shifted my butt on my seat. It was starting felling flatter then it already was. We pulled off out of the red light and I grabbed the back of her shirt almost pulling backwards. “Ah!!” she laughed loudly. “Don’t do that!! We both might actually go flying!” She rounded the corner. “So can I come over next time? Man you’re so lucky! You get all your hospital treatments for free! That would help me and my dad out a lot if we could do that.” I leaned my face forward to her ear so I was sure she could hear me over the roar of the moped and the traffic of cars. “Why are you so simplistic? There is a lot of responsibility riding on my shoulders you know.” She leaned back glancing over her shoulder quickly to look at me. “Then you should be more simplistic to zuru.” She chuckled as we came to another stop light. “And then when you have some more breathing room you can think of me.” My eye brow went up. “Eh?” Again with the alienese… unable to decode.
“I don’t know why I chose you either zuru. Why I decided you would be my friend. The person I would love. But the more I think about you the more I know I have someone to leave behind. Another person I will hurt and leave alone. All my life I have done nothing but hurt people. Leave them alone in their darkness. Like miam and kiko.” Where are you getting at hara? Are you saying I’m so weak that I will miss another person who will leave me alone? I’ve been alone all my life… that is until I meet you. “Zuru… I’m sick of knowing that no matter how many friends I make that I won’t be able to grow old with any of them. So how about it zuru? Will you grow old for me?” She turned around and smiled at me as she turned off the moped. We got off and walked into the small family owned cafe store. She always finds the best places to hang out at.

I sit in front of my TV in my room and think about the previous night. My TV screamed at me “ALEIN INVASION!! ALEIN INVASION!! Please get me away from here! Take me to your world!!”

What are you a kid? You can’t act on emotion all the time! I swear…

The person on the TV waved a light in the air as a UFO descended down above him. He screamed at the light that shined down at him. “I ALONE AM YOUR ALLY IN THIS WORLD!!” I placed my hand on my chin as I lay on my stomach crunching down a bowl of cereal. “Sheesh… what an idiot…” I mumble.

But even if in the future I end up living a trivial and pointless life. She’ll probably be laughing light heartedly next to me spouting the same inanities. Something alienese like ‘We’re so totally lucky.’ So what if she is the only one. I can have at least one ally right? Can’t I? Even if it’s an alien like Hara Ulala.

The next day I come to her house and wait out front leaning on the gate wall. 30 minutes later she opened the door and fumbled with her keys to lock the door after she did she turned around and looked at me. She smiled. Happy to see me… I’m so pleased to see you hara. You alien.
I smiled the best I could to meet with hers. “Hay. How are ya?” She made a sound like if she was choking. I looked at her in alarm. “What!?” she gasped and looked at me landing her hands on my shoulders. “I just died because that was the first time I’ve ever seen you smile” She smiled and bopped be lightly in my shoulder. “Ha ha hara ha ha” Sarcasm took over. She laughed and we jumped onto her moped.

Hara Ulala (18 ) currently residing in London.
Is still, as always, an alien.

She started her moped. “So your going to take over your family’s hospital zuru?”
I got on behind her “Probably”

She pretended to pout. “No I don’t want you to.” She backed up the moped and got ready to drive but before she did she turned around and smiled at me. “Lets found our own nation in the sky together. Okay?”

Zuru jacklon (18 ) currently residing in London.
This day transfers citizenship to a nation in the sky.

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