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I'm the best
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Voices o.o... Rocker Death Fairy
My name is... I am Angel the girl that always wears her hair down and my twin sister is Raven who most of the time wears her hair up.
I'm... Eighteen
I like... well you couldn't really call it a sexual prefrence we love each other but we do check out guys. So I guess you could say we are bisexual.
I'm a master at... Well we are both skilled at self defense or martial arts whatever, we are considered the masters of pranks at the school. Always getting into trouble. I myself am really good at art and photography. I love to paint when I am staying out of trouble. My sister Raven is pretty good with computers and books, you will often find her in the libery if shes not in the music hall. Yeah Raven is amazing at music, she can play the violen, the panio, and the guitar if shes feeling like a rock star. We both can sing but I don't love music like Raven does.
I went to School at.... We get there early usually, not because we are good students though. Its so we plot the pranks for the day. Its amazing that we are still in school at all ..And I got this candy that was... Cherry.....Then I got this power! It was....The strangest thing I have illisons and my sister Raven is able to jinx things as in give them bad luck or let misfortune be fall on it. Are we really this misbehaved?
If you really need to know... My sister and I grew up in a rich family with a mansion and we were forced to wear pretty little pink dresses when we were young, neither of us liked that. Our parents never really paid attention to us. It was always "Mommy is talking honey," or "Daddy is working on business, you want daddy to keep making money don't you?" even our nannies didn't really pay attention to us we went through them very quick. The only thing we ever really had in this cruel world was each other. But we were always bored.

So we found a cure for our bordem by causing mischief. Its amazing how much people pay attention if they are being embarressed or being played. We like to think of it as living to make people laugh like a comedian almost. Beautiful isn't it? Raven is the genius of the both of us, I am pretty smart but not like she is. She usually comes up with these amazing and thought out pranks that always works. Its scary sometimes how much we love this.

When we got even older we grew a little different in the things we liked but we still did most of our stuff together. We don't want to ever loose each other, that is our biggest fear. However we still have alot of things still in common like the fact that we love to still cause mischief, we dress punkish, and the fact that we go to a less then rich school.

Public school, I guess you could say we are kinda of the bullies there, nobody really wants to hang around us but nobody wants to mess with us either. Course Raven and I couldn't care less. We are use to being alone, we have each other and that is all that matters to us. However, we have noticed this girl that is always watching us. What is her deal?

Oh My gwad, YES! <3 Getting into trouble
<3 Doing everything together
<3 Punkish things
<3 Cute fuzzy animals

PUT IT AWAY NOW! </3 People who are goody toe shoes
</3 Well Raven hates people in general
</3 I don't really care for reading that much

Well~ today I got candy from... Reko Rose
Random Fact! We both wear charm bracelets with charms that tell what we each enjoy. This is usually how our parents have to tell us apart. Aren't our parents pathic?

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