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~Meadow's Journal~
Toxic Angelz
So the other day. Yesterday actually; I posted third in this thread. I was very stunned, I never posted on the first page of any of the announcements! So then I was just bumping my banner shop and my quest thread and all of a sudden I get this random wave of n00bs and newbies posting random crap like a gazillion heart 's, or a huge picture of themself that stretched the page. I was very curious as to why there were all of a sudden a ton of people posting in my threads. Then I remembered the announcement. They must have seen my signature that had a link to my banner shop and my quest thread.

Then I had to log off. So when I came back a few hours later, what do I find?
30 pm's from n00bs begging for gold or saying random things like "i hope we can b frendz!!! lolz!!11! add me pl0x??!?!1" or "my favee is tiggeres....lol" or "where my itemz!?1! giv me monies!!1"

15 trades either begging for items from me or giving me donations to my quest.

At least 10 friend requests from newbies. (One saying "Oh, im from britian and we cud b relly good friends! Add me so we can talk!" wink


So a few minutes later after declining all friend requests and ignoring the stupid pm's, I go back to the thread. And what do you know? I'm now 2nd on the front page. Someone must have deleted their post because of all the crap people sent them. So I look at the re-edited first post (of someone who used to be the 2nd post). She wrote in bold and big letters:

"Stop sending me random Pm's and Trades! I won't give you anything, and I don't want to be your friend!"

So I though "oh, that's a good idea." (Well, I was wrong...) After editing my post to a little nicer version of just that, I got about 10 more pm's with random crap in them. One person even wrote:

"Telling people to stop sending pm's will just make them do it even more."

Which after reading it, I kind of agreed. Stupid me...

So a few minutes later I got this from Toxic Angelz:

"Listen smart one, you don't have to be a b***h to people about them sending random friend requests/messages. There's a thing about changing things to friend's only moron. -.-"

To which I replied, pretty angrily:

"You listen. You don't have to be mean about it. I just wanted for random noobs begging me for gold to stop. I know there's a button to set pm's to friends only, however there's this little thing I own called a Banner Shop. I pretty much need to pm everyone who orders a banner. So I'm not a moron. Oh, and thanks for telling me what I already know. (You don't think I already got enough pm's from everyone?)"

Then the next day I got a trade request from her. With the title labeled "This is how much I think you're worth" And she sent me 1 gold.

Then I (tried) to send back a pm saying:

"That's a good one. I'm worth 1g. Haha. Hilarious. I don't know why I deserve this kind of behavior from you? You are the one that sent me a pm full of crap. I'm sorry that I didn't want some idiot newbs begging off of me because they think I'm rich. And fyi, I don't even need to think of a come back. You're username explains all."

However, (ironically) she had her pm's set to friends only. So I tried posting a comment in her profile, and again, (ironically) she had comments set to friends only. stare

QUESTING: Any gen. Coocoon, & Ritzy Green Feather Fascinator!
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