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Blooming Chrysalis
I im currently writing new story!~ ^^ YAY I can write again xD please enjoy :D
Chapter 6: Sweet Poison
“T-T-Takami?! Oh Takami what has happened?” Chouko tried to say in between her sobs. She jumped into the bloodstained water without any thought and feebly grabbed Takami’s wounded arm. Chouko wiped her running tears away and hoisted him onto the safe ground. As her trembling hands held his face in a gentle manner more tears began to flow, dropping hot tears onto the deathly pale skin. Then soon his body began to twitch and shift around. “Chou…ko?” He said with a hoarse voice and a small smile. Takami raised his hand towards Chouko, but it fell on the ground lifeless before it reached her. Her eyes opened wide and fear began to strike again within her heart. She put his arms around her neck and carried him onto her back. Her feet weakened and her stance began to lean right and left and she kept on walking. But when she reached the tree roots she fell once more and dropped Takami onto ground. She panted heavily while lying on the cold ground. After a few minutes of resting she started once more on her task. The temperature began to fall and the water that clung to her clothes made it even harder to walk with. With each step she felt her strength leave her one by one. But soon her hard efforts made her to the foot of the temple. Gently she laid Takami onto the ground. “Grandfather?! Grandfather please come help me!” Chouko called with all her might. Soon she felt the vibrations of the floor and the pitter patter of footsteps coming her way. “Chouko! What happened to you? Why are you so wet and who is this wounded young man?” Her grandfather questioned. “I will give you answers to all of your questions but later. He needs his wounds to be treated immediately!”

A few hours passed…then a day and almost a week has passed and Takami still hasn’t awoken from his sleep. All of his wounds and bruises healed and yet where was he? Day in and day out Chouko stayed by his side drained and worried. “Why can’t you wake up from this spell? I want to know…why are you in this state? It’s killing me to know that you might die from this comatose.” Chouko thought repeatedly. She entwined her tiny hand with his large pale one. “His hand is cold…” she said in a whisper. As she lay her head down, tears escaped from her eyes rolling down slowly. “Chouko.” A voice said. Surprised she looked up and saw Takami smiling warmly. Chouko gazed into his eyes and saw his iris color was metallic silver. Her gaze held there until she felt something grasp her hand. She looked down and blushed; her hand was still entwined with his. “Y-you must be hungry! You were out cold for a week!” She said letting go of his palm. But just as she stood up Takami grabbed onto her wrist and pulled her close to his chest. “Thank you Chouko.” He said silently for her ears to hear. He then slowly stroked her long black hair. In return she slowly she wrapped her arms around him. “F-for what?” Her voice shaking. “While I was healing, I felt your warm presence while I was unconscious. During that time I felt as if I was being pulled down into an abyss drowning in darkness. But then a little light cracked into dark and I ran towards it and in a flash I saw you and I woke up to see you crying next to me.” His voice melted into her ears. Chouko’s heartbeat sped up as she blushed madly. “Hey Chouko,” he called to her. She looked up and he wiped her messy tears away. “Chouko I-” “Ahem.” Said a sudden voice. Their heads turned in sync towards the voice. It was grandfather in the door blushing slightly. “Sorry to interrupt this lovely atmosphere, but Chouko I must speak with you.” She looked back to the position she was in and became flustered. “R-right I’m coming,” she said letting go. Takami stared at her before she closed the door on the short embrace. He chuckled to himself thinking how fascinating it is to see her composure broken. But soon that warm laughter turned into a pain burning in his torso. He coughed madly and on his hand was black blood. His eyes widened with fear and anger. “Can it be? How can Hitomi do this?!”

Nearby in a different room Chouko was being interrogated. Grandfather stared straight into the heath of the fire heating the teapot and then looked up at Chouko. She shifted in her seat avoiding his eyes. “So what just happened last night? You go outside for a long period of time and you come back wet and with a mysterious man I have never seen in the village on your back? Just who is this man Chouko? Your secret love of some sort?” He said in a stern voice. “Well, I-,” “Why didn’t you tell grandpa?! I could have just gone through the whole village to find you a lover if you just ask! But you did find quite a handsome boy If I do say so myself hehe.” Grandfather chuckled. He reached over to the table next to him and grabbed his pipe, right next to the painting of Chouko’s mother as a child. “Your mother Aiko would have been also proud to see you have found a wonderful man you can spend your years with,” he said lighting his pipe. “To tell you the truth he is not actually my lover. He is the fox that I rescued from the well.” She closed her eyes waiting for the disappointed. “Hmm, it seems that you have a fox god on your hands Chouko,” he said exhaling, “Besides, you two seem to have quite a lovely relationship when I came into the room.” Chouko’s eye twitched and her face blushed, “T-Takami was just thanking me from saving him once more and…and.” Her mind went blank for excuses. Grandfather chuckled and brought the pipe to his lips, “Whatever you say my silly granddaughter.” “Hahaha, she’s just like her mother when she was young.”

Chouko stepped out of the room after she drank a cup of herbal tea. When she reached the corridor her heart stopped. A trail of dark blood came from Takami’s room going towards garden. Her eyes became hazy and lost as she stood there breathless. Chouko’s mind went blank but then became filled with those painful memories years ago at her family member’s death. But the thought of smiling Takami rushed through her mind erasing the pain she felt. She gulped her fears and ran towards the room. Chouko slid the door and saw that Takami wasn’t in his futon. She just saw smears of blood on the floor. But as she examined the room she looked more closely at the blood. “B-black blood? Is there such thing?” Her mind thought. So she followed the trail heading to the garden. Outside, Chouko saw what her fears planted in her head. Takami sprawled onto the grass with black blood stains on his clothes and face.

sorry for the wait *bow* plz keep reading!~ biggrin

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