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The next step to the eventual disaster...
What did I do?
You know, it's funny. No matter what I try to do in life, it seems like I get shafted. I've had nothing but lousy jobs where other people's ******** ups have gotten me fired, and finding new work has been impossible since the economy took it's massive dive. Now one of my few friends has cost me several hundred dollars. All I've done is try to be nice to people, and get by.

Now thanks to someone else, namely my "friend" I've been denied the ability to reclaim what is mine without him being thrown out on his a**. No matter what I do I'm the one getting ******** on this wonderful deal. I get my stuff, I lose a friend and have to live with the fact that I cost him his home.

I don't do anything and I end up with a pile of completely useless (and expensive) computer parts. Oh, and I'm down one Nintendo Wii that I spent a week carefully working on to get it just where I want it.

Bill's gettin upwards of $500 already. Oh, and lets not forget the other computer I was borrowing from a real good buddy of mine. Suddenly we're at a $1000!!

Because someone couldn't wait for a day, maybe two to get busy between the sheets I'm out of several years of hard ******** work. Did I do something during my life (or maybe a previous one) that I'm being punished for? Did I offend the wrong deity and now they're making my life miserable for a slight I am unaware of?

s**t like this is why there are no nice people anymore. You have to be a complete a*****e to survive all the other assholes that are lookin for the right place to stick that sharp knife.

Why do I even bother?

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