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Head Butt
Blah. Blah. Blah. This summer so far really blows. But then at the same time no not really. I enjoy being home not having to do anything. I mean if I think about it. Its my last free summer. Next summer Ill be getting things ready for college and Ill be getting a job and all that jazz. So right now. I have to enjoy my summer. And if that means sitting around doing nothing at all. Then so be it.

My kitten is using me as a jungle gym right now. She seems to like my shoulder as a place for sitting. And clawing. But that's alright with me I guess. Until she digs her claws into my boobs. Then I will be concerned.

I hate when I fall asleep when Im texting Brian. The conversation usually gets better during the night. The last texts that we exchanged were talking about us missing each other. And it was really cute the way Brian had said "And summer just freakin' started." It was so cute how he said freakin'. I love that. Then he went on to say that his parents said they would come get me and take me to see Toy Story 3 some time. I fell asleep before I could reply to that one. And that makes me a bit sad. But I can always as him about it later today.

I'm starting to get really sleepy all of a sudden. Which would make some sense. I got to bed really late and woke up at 8. But I had to get up. I smelled bacon. Ha. And because I had to take my medicine too.

Omg. I want an ice cream sandwich. I just seen a commercial for one and it looked super good. I love those big cookie ones that have those huge chocolate chips. With vanilla ice cream in the middle. Aww yes. That would be wonderful.

Well. My mom just told me to o clean the bathroom. Which is odd because I just cleaned it on Tuesday. So...yeah. Oh well I dont really mind. I better get on it. I really want to go to the movies with Brian and I want to go to Lindsies party next Saturday.

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