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sqiggles I AM DEATHBERRY15!!! I enjoy doing many things and am a very intresting and diverse person. the things i will (eventually) write about will be as diverse and varied as my persona meself(yes i spelled it that way on purpose) so if you like the most un

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I don't even know what they're for but I WANTS THEM!

Ah jeez.
Isn't this supposed to be summer? figured i'd get a head start on the two or three journal entries a year i do, not that anyone 'cept stealth reads these. >shrug< I'm procrastinating sewing my outfits for Otakon right now, waiting for the perfect opportunity to appear in the RP Guild i joined and am still writing in a story that i won't ever let anyone read because it's basically fanfiction of my own uncompleted works (in case you're wondering that story covers only about a week or two and is currently only halfway throught the first week and already at 129 pages. oh yeah, i'm a moron.)>i should be working on the book i want to get published my senior year.<

anyways. i'll probably post my costumes up on DA when i'm done and have taken some pics or some such. Have been enjoying the RP experience which has been made pretty darn enjoyable by the people who got me into it. And then there's actual news, both on the Serious front and the enjoyment side of life.

I'm switching majors. I was in accounting and now i'm going into English if i can, i'm really hoping my abysmal grades haven't completely damned me. and now on the entertainment front that might actually be interesting.

I've been getting more absorbed in american comics, webcomics, and whatnot recently, and really kind of like some of the things that the internet can offer and at the end of last year was talking to Zero about comics and such.

I haven't done anything YET, but my mind keeps going back to it so i think i'll be whipping up some sketch pages and whatnot soon. I probably shouldn't be doing this, my art probably isn't consistant or good enough but i figure diving head first into something big will give me alot of the experience and practice that i can't get while just doodling in my sketchbook.

I'll tell more as it gets closer to the school year. it's a college based comic so i'm planning on working it out as i go through the year but if you know me it's not going to be anything remotely normal and fantasy will probably be so thick you can't cut it with a chainsaw.


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tekteking, a world of strange.
so i love tektek.org, it's such a great place to look at all the items you wish you had enough money to buy yourself on gaia. XDDD anyways, after awhile and after seeing some different avatars for people's contests and whatnot where they had generated their OC's on some other generator i decided, WHY NOT! of course tektek is the only one of these avatar generator that i really know enough about to trust so i of course went there.

Behold, Roger and Thamian, if they lived in the GaiaOnline Universe!!! >apologies for Thamian's top, there was a better one but the avatars i saved are the Earth clothing ones.<

User Image User Image

heehee, yeah, i have alot of issues with how they came out but they grow on you. heart

Thamian's ears i had trouble deciding which ones to use, their hair styles, couldn't really find the ones i wanted so in the end i settled for what i could find (which in Thamian's case was a style that hid the avatar's earthly ears). Roger's hair.... it just pissees me off, mainly i think because nothing can match how beautiful it is in my imagination. XD heeheehee.

And Roger's jacket... yeah i couldn't really find any decent colors so i had to switch things around and now it's black(should be brown and his shirt should be some other color but whatever).

Thamian's eyes ARE gold! You are not hallucinating!!! not sure if that ever came up in the second book but i know it came up in planning, any details you want just ask and i'll fill you in on why they are now gold instead of their original black! heart

yeah, so i have so many issues with the tekteks but at the same time the more i look at them the more i want to huggle them! eeeheehee!!! heart

heart Enjoy!!! heart

ps.Roger and Thamian FOREVER!!!

so i wrote the below for a contest but got the entry deadline wrong and i posted it on FB but no one read it so i figure if i post it here maybe at least Stealth will read it. anyway, i'm struggling with a title for it so any ideas/ suggestions are appreciated. And as this is my first legitimate short story please feel free to critique. >kudos to you if you can guess what the guy is! (kudos might= prize)<

Title: >WIP<


There they were, all around her. They were not happy.

*Joe cowered in between a bench and a trash bin.*

Joe sat cowering in a niche she had found in the great room where they had summoned her to.

“we told you it would be pointless Josephine.” Joe whimpered something completely unintelligeble. They stood above her in their grey-toned clothes, embroidered finely with jewel-toned thread. Still more ignored the whole scene. There was no escaping their menacing, flaming, red and orange eyes as they shuffled in on her.

*The wind blew leaves across the paved path as a figure on the bench sat, throwing breadcrumbs.*

“P-pointless?” Joe’s false question barely made it out of her mouth before one of the women let out a coo of laughter.

“the police won’t believe you, no one will, not when you’re dressed like that.” another picked up the reel of speech, taking up where the other had left off as the first took a dainty bite from the bread on the plate she carried. “we’ve told you Josephine, we are not known to those whom we do not wish to know of us.”

Several of the people were cooing in their odd mocking laughter and Joe was scared. Even with the great room filled with people she was alone.

“Josephine, dear, is it really so bad?”

“Would you rather those rats had gotten hold of you first?”

“You’re quite lucky you know. All we’ve done for you.”

Joe still cowered as the conversation seemed to jump seamlessly from one creature to the next. She tried to, wanted to, shrink in on herself. Maybe she was lucky that the rats hadn’t gotten her first but these rats with wings as they were so aptly called were hardly the grandest replacement.

It seemed even her thoughts were not beyond their reach and, as if she had spoken the insulting thought aloud, the group crowded forward suddenly in a tide of fury.

* “Hey! Shoo! Shoo you stupid pigeons! Get!” The figure scattering breadcrumbs stood and revealed himself to be a man in a business suit, a tweed coat over it for warmth. He waved his arms at the pigeons seeming to attack a bag of trash left beside the bin. “don’t go strewing trash all over the place, i was feeding you and everything. oh!”

Joe peered out at him from under her ratty sleeve. The man seemed to hesitate before speaking again.

“I... didn’t see you there.” Joe said nothing. “right, well then goodbye...” Joe shifted around and raised herself to her feet still wary of the man, he had seemed to freeze when she stood.

“thank you.” she curtsied to him and he paused for a moment before answering.

“uhm, right, like i said i didn’t....but well......just shoo them away you know, you don’t need to take crap from them, they’re....they’re just pigeons.” Joe stared at him and the man shifted uncomfortably. “well, you should get somewhere warm for the night, before all the shelters are full.” the man turned and walked away.

As Joe watched the man who had startled the creatures from the great room walked smoothly across the marbled floor his tail swishing lazily. As she watched him walk away he turned back, the same nervous look on his face but with a grin now.

“I meant what i said, they’re just pigeons you know.” the pigeons were slowly returning and lithely the man reached out and gently grasped one of the women’s necks. She struggled as he tightened his grip and started to bend her head back. His hat fell to the ground and landed as a crack echoed through the hall sending the pigeons that had returned rushing away in a swirl of panicked cooing.

The man tossed something small to her feet and looking down she stared at the small broken form of the bird that was once a pidgeon. Joe returned her gaze to the man and watched as he bent and retrieved his hat from where it had fallen and once more covered his abnormal ears.

* “Are you human?” The man frowned at her and she thought he wouldn’t answer.

“I was like you, so....are you?” Joe watched the man walk down the paved path of the park and turning, silently walked the other way.


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am i not loved?...

anyway haven't done an entry in awhile so i figured i'd do one now cuase i'm wit the sis and she's busy playing games on her DS......wow i feel loved....(joking.) anyway Stealth has decided she wants to die becuase she's apparently been dead (out of contact) since the day before spring break and never told me if she was sick or whatnot......(yes stealth, i'm being bitter.) anyway Easter's coming up and things are getting interesting with the family, can't say anything else on that so i'll just wrap things up, God i hate homework, (aka have not done any of the work i got that's due the day i get off of break) -sigh- sooooo........maybe i'll get off since i can't think of anything to do online......-sigh- .......later.


yes! christmas break is finally here! on the down side i have to be around my family 24/7 not that bad all of the time but sometimes...anyway, i've been having some trouble with gaia, i can post in my journal, in the arenas but NOT in the FORUMS!!! what the heck is up with that huh!?!?!?! GAH! >throws up arms< anyway a very merry christmas to you all, (oh i can even pm but posting in the forums? oh no why should i be able to do that?! i'm going to see if using a different computer will fix the problem but i won't be able to find out until i go over to my grandparents house on christmas, wow, i've been a member of gaia for over a year! *happy anniversary!!!* well hope ou all are enjoying yourselves, and hope you get some good grub this break! pray for me as a atempt to succeed in posting in the foorums (Stealth, if you were right and the forum problem is because i posted on that thread of yours.....*ominous silence* ..........anyway) See you all somewhere over the rainbow!


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Enjoy Everything.

remember everybody Yotsuba is an ultimate good

instead of,school is almost here...we must all think about it as a...THREE WEEK VACATION!!!

stay happy!!!


yes it's the 15!!! of August ......... yeah we alll know what that means,yup...scholl is just around the corner... wow all summer you're like...god i'm so bored there's nothing to do...and then you start feeling squimish because ...well school...............................................................................
there isn't any real way to put it but everyone knows what i'm talking about .

who will not be slaves again
when the beating of your heart echoes the beating of drums
itheir is a life about to start when tomarrow comes......

sorry Le Mis wasw just turned back on in the middle of a song...must supress the urge to write out lyrics;.....

our heartfelt sympathies go out to Stealth and we hope everything turns out well.

oh crap ...school...
>stuck in a bad funk<


sooooo............. hope more people will start reading, wish over half the people on my freind list got on to Gaia. even if they wouldn't read my once in a blue moon journal entries....

talk more later!!!


PS this new Gaia setup is slightly confusing....

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i hope this shows up, sorry okami i saw your's and was inspired to draw my own, sorry stealth,...if you don't like it.

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