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Memoirs of a Princess

Haughty Siren
Community Member
Okay, we all know what it's like to stare at other avatars on this site and wish, "Damn...I wish I had that item".
Here's a few suggestions if you're even reading this entry blaugh

1. Being a member for over 3 years, I can say that it's not easy to earn gold if you're not an active member. So visit Gaia every now and then…or everyday. It helps out, believe me!!

2. The games on the site are especially helpful on earning gold. Here are a few examples:

~Slots/Cards: If you purchase tokens, you can earn some serious cash if you win tickets. I highly recommend the Cards Game, since you can probably earn more tickets in this game than in the Slots game. Slots depend on chance. It's rare to earn high in the Slots game, so I recommend the Cards game. Also, tickets are worth 2x the price of tokens. If you earn 1000 tickets, then you can sell it in the marketplace for at least 2k

1000 tickets X 2=2000 gold

~Pinball: It's entertaining AND it's fun to play. Over 1,000,000 points can give you AT LEAST 100g. Plus, the extra prizes you win can be sold in the marketplace - for a cheaply cost, of course, but a little bit of gold can help you.

3. Items from the stores usually sell cheap in the Marketplace. Want that special item? Check out the marketplace. There's a chance that it might be cheaper than the store's price. Also, purchase Monthly Collectibles as early as possible, since the price will probably increase as the year passes by. Don't count on it, though, since the value depends on how "special" the item is.

4. Post regularly and vote in the arenas and forums. You can earn at least over 300g-possibly even more-from posting and voting regularly. Also, if you participate in the arena and win the spot for #1, you can earn up to 50k.

All right, now that we've gone over the simple stuff, let me give you my own opinions in earning gold fast (WITHOUT SCAMMING):

5. Tattoos sell pretty well in the marketplace. Though it always depends on the type. The tribial ones sell high. However, there are requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to gain a tattoo:
~Inks are required to make tattoos. To get inks, go to towns and catch some bugs. A specific type of bug can gain you an ink. For example, 50 flies can get you a black ink.

~Exchange bugs with Moira at Durem Depot
~Go to Skin Tyte and exchange inks for tattoo
~If you wanna earn some real gold, go for the tribial tattoos. White tattoos are rare, Black are popular, and Blue is exotic and cool. Those are the ones I go for.

6. During special events (Halloween, Christmas etc.) or in a guild, contests are usually held in the forums.
Ex: gift-giving, tektek, writing, giveaways, etc.

It helps to participate in the contests, since you could be browsing and earning some gold in the meantime. Also, participation is usually required in some contests and the leader will check whether or not you participated.
~BE CAREFUL!!!! The contest might be a scam. If at anytime you question the credentials of the contest, don't participate. Report to the admins if you have to.

7. Open mini shops. Theyare hosted in the forums. Are you an artist? Do you make profiles and banners? Do you edit your own pixels for an animal or a doll? ADVERTISE!!!! You could make some GOOD gold in the shops. But you better make some GOOD art or pixels, because the people that browse these shops look for GOOD quality.

8. Have a dream avatar? Advertise it in your signature. There can be a chance that SOMEONE will help you out. Also, add what items you would like to have that would help you earn some gold for the items you quest for.

LINK: http://www.tektek.org/index.php

9. Gaia advertises movies that gives out free items. IF you participate and finish the required credentials for the quest, you can earn that free item. Also, there are chances that random quests will come up also.

10. I don't recommend it, but Gaia Cash is a sure way to earn money. If you are going to use this credential, spend your money wisely and rarely. New items come up every now and then, and they can be worth a lot of gold in the marketplace.

11. Monthly Collectibles are popular also. Items can usually increase in value in a year. But again, I don't recommend it, since the price can always vary among the items worth. (And like the last credential for Gaia Cash, it requires 'real' cash. You remember 'real' cash, right? From the "real" world? =P)

12. Kiki's Road Trip-Gaia goes to each state and gives a few lucky winners free items, including gold cards. Their advertise where they will be going, what states they will visit and cities they will be in. It should probably be fun to go to such an event, since you might meet a few acquaintances to talk to online. Make plans if you wanna go to the convention.
~To get noticed by the people giving out free stuff, wear a few gaia items or advertisements of gaia so you can get some prizes

13. Fish Tank
One of Gaia's popular features, the fish tank can give you free items and their value depends on how well you take care of your tank. The more fish you have in your tank, the easier it is to keep your tank "clean". However, each fish has it's own personality. Just check out the guide below to see the leader's theories, which are pretty accurate. 3nodding

Also, there's a new game called "booty grab". You browse the fish forums and look at other member's signatures, which should show a miniature tank. If a member's tank flashes and says "booty grab", click it and you'll get a chance to play with the person's fish for gold. I earn at least 1000g per day - and that's only in less than 30 minutes (if you're lucky).

Here's a shortcut to the fish forums

This place is the best site on information for fish

If anything else comes to mind, I'll be sure to add it to my journal. I hope this was helpful to the people reading this post. ^^V

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