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Part 6
Carlos stopped for a moment and I hadn't noticed until a little after when gunshot snapped me out of confusion. He was shooting at the crowd of people. "What are you doing!?" I yelled. "I'll hold them off..." he said to me. I punched him in the face. "You come with us there is no need to die a hero" I yelled into his face. I heard a gunshot and a bullet wizzed right over me. Blood splattered onto my back as a deranged man fell to the ground. "Hurry the hell up" yelled Jack. "We dont have time for you guys to make out" I picked up Carlos and he started to run. I followed. I heard another gun shot. Sam, Carlos, and Jack all turned around. I looked down at a pain in my leg. Blood was dripping profusely. Carlos ran back and helped me run and we ran into some thick trees.

Carlos placed me on a tree and Sam walked over to me. She was gripping a box. I'd recognize it anywhere. It was Jane's emergency kit she never left without it. She pulled out a bandage and treated my leg. "Jane taught you a lot didn't she" I said. She seemed not to notice me and concentrated on my leg. The bleeding stopped and I stood up to test it. She had numbed it so I could move a little more without pain. Jack looked out from behind a tree as a group passed. "Here's our chance" said Jack. I got up and started a limping run. He pointed to the boat. Jane ran out then me with Carlos and Jack bringing up the rear. A group has spotted us and gave chase. Carlos shot the ones close and Jack shot a few stragglers.

Me and Sam made it to the boat and Carlos pushed it. Before he could jump on he was tore back. I shot with the shotgun but the range didn't reach. Jack shot the thing attacking Carlos but he too was overcome with monsters. A hand came up on the side of the ship and I shot it off. I hesitantly reached for the motor and started it up. I pulled and it wouldn't start. Another hand came as a man climbed up and Sam freaked and shot him in the head. Finally I pulled the motor and it started I sped through the waters and pulled out a compass I found in the boat to lead my way.

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