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"Johnathen, she's coming hide the baby" yelled a woman in fear. "Where" asked the man in response to the frightened woman.At that moment, the door was almost immediatly knocked down. Slowley a shadow-like woman came in,holding something the two lovers could not make out."Children, why have you betrayed me?" asked the shadow-like woman. "WHY?!? your a monster" yelled the woman in fear. "You go against me?! You shall pay for your insolance"........to be continued
part one
Katrina’s Story!!!

“Jonathan she’s coming, hide the baby” yelled a woman in fear. “where? She’ll find her” yelled a man in response to the panicking woman. At that very moment, the door was almost immediately knocked down. Slowly a woman came walking in holding something shiny that the two lover couldn’t make out. “Children, why have you betrayed me?” asked the fearing woman. “Why?!? You’re a monster!!!!” yelled the woman in fear. “You go against me. You shall die for your insolence” The woman pulled out the shiny object thrusted it into the panicking woman. The baby laid there crying. “Do you still defy me?” asked the feared woman. “N…no my lady” shuddered the young man. The woman walked out of the room laughing hysterically. As she walked out into the distance, the young mans eyes started to turn green like an emerald. A gaze such as this is known as the emerald gaze. “What am I doing? I have to get the baby out of here.” The young man pondered to himself to where the child will go, and then he remembered that he had a few friends who slay vampires for a living. He picked the baby up and wrapped it in a blanket and set it back down again. The young man walked over to a desk and pulled out a piece of paper and a pencil. There he started to write something, a note. When he was done, the young man put down the pencil and folded the paper, and then picked the baby up once more. He then jolted out the door. As soon as he get to his destination he slowly put the baby on the doorstep and then put the note on top of the baby’s head, rang the doorbell and ran. The door slowly opened to reveal a confused couple. They were surprised to see an infant on their doorstep. Not long after the woman picked up the note and read it. Shortly after reading the note, the woman gently smiled while picking up the baby. They took the baby in and took care of her for 15 years.

Surprises await further in the story.

Chapter one ( A new friend)

“Oh no I’m late” I yelled as I ran for class. I passed a few people skipping class, wishing I could do the same. I ran into the classroom and in doing so, almost tripped over a thick book on the floor. “ Sorry I’m late…I stayed up last night and forgot about the time heh” I laughed nervously as I took my seat and asked the person next to me what the assignment was. The teacher was a lecher and he ‘touched’ me so many times I lost count. Either way he does it and I never had the gusts to say anything. As I sat there doing my work, I decided to take a break for a few seconds and look out the window. What I saw was not normal. What I saw was a wolf starring at me and then I had a strange feeling. It felt like it knew me and I knew it in some weird way. As I sat there staring, the bell rang. I jumped out of my seat a little. I looked at the clock and then out the window again but as I did the wolf was gone. I shrugged it off and grabbed my stuff. As I walked out the door, the teacher grabbed my butt. I jumped out of surprise. He smiled, oh that evil grin, but like always I ignored it and just walked off. The rest of the day went on and finally it was time to go home. So I got on the bus, found my usual seat in the back and sat down. As the bus was taking us home, it suddenly started to shake. “Huh? What the?!” I yelled as everyone else was screaming. As I looked out the window, I saw, what looked like a floating human. This human was on the side of the bus. “Uh” I froze, to my surprise it was a woman. The woman was looking through the bus windows, and when she came upon my face, she smiled. She waved at me and then left. “What was that?!” I asked myself. For some reason I wanted to growl at her or at least bite her, it was weird. Once I got home, I did the usual, homework, dinner, shower, and then bed. The next day was Friday and I was very happy. I got up and got dressed and went to the bus stop. As I waited, I listened to my CD player. As time flew by, the bus finally came. I boarded the bus and found out that someone was sitting in my usual spot, so I kept walking and eventually found a new seat in the back. When we arrived at the school, we all started to get off one by one. I walked inside the school and into the cafeteria, which was right next to the main entrance. I sat down at an empty table and just chilled. Then about 10 minutes after I sat down a boy came up to me and asked “hello. May I join you?”. “Not much to join I’m afraid , but sure” I said as he sat down. “By the way my name is Eithen, nice to meet you. I‘m kinda new here” he said holding out his hand for a handshake. “Hi Eithen, my name is Katrina and welcome” I said shaking his hand with a big smile. We had a nice conversation about wolves and other animals…but mostly wolves. Not long after the bell rang saying that classes were about to start. We said our good byes and went to our classes. After that, we agreed that we would meet at the table every morning, and we did for the rest of the week. I found a new friend. Yay

And so ends this chapter.

Midnight da wolf
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Midnight da wolf
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