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Starstruck's jar of di--I mean ideas

Community Member
Name: Adelaide Wood
Gender: Female
Race: Beorc
Class: Wyvern Rider (More or less)
Affinity: Thunder
Description or Mug: [I'll draw one later]
Personality: Addie or Adelaide is a simple girl; She's full of spirit and life.

Born near the Mountains(Not really sure which ones), 21-year-old Addie was a tough mountain shepherd. She defended her land and her sheep with her father, Guph. One day, while she was searching for a lost sheep, she happened upon a wounded Wyvern. Unable to turn a blind eye to the creature, Adelaide nursed it back to health. She grew an unbreakable bond with the beast, but knew she couldn't keep it. She wasn't sure what to do, that is until her father happened upon it when he was checking up on her and the sheep. Strangely, he acted calm and reassured that nothing would happen to the beast so long as it behaved itself. If anything, it was added protection against wolves and other animals. Adelaide was almost naive enough to believe it. Almost.

It was a typical day as per usual. She took her sheep out to pasture, and began walking toward the cave where her beloved Lulu was when she heard it. The sound of people. Lots of people. She turned to see half the village, pitchforks and all, striding toward the cave. Adelaide runs in front of the cave, arms wide. "No! Don't!" She cried out. The leader of the group pointed his shovel at her, calling her a monster sympathizer and saying that Adelaide deserved to die for betraying her village. Just when the villagers were about to run her through, her Wyvern intervened. Her Wyvern flapped it's powerful wings once to blast away the villagers. Adelaide, moving completely on instinct, scrambled onto her Wyvern. With it's master in tow, the Wyvern began to flap it's wings even more vigorously. The villagers tried to keep it on the ground, but to no avail. Once in the air, it flew higher and farther away from the crowd. To where, she had no idea. All Adelaide knew was her life in the mountains was over, and a new one was starting.

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