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So full of artless jealousy is guilt
it spill itself in fearing to be spilt
My Characters
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Name Mai Naotaki
Appearance [x] [x] [x] [x]
Parents Ryuu and Nina
Siblings Muro, Reiiji, Sumire, Yaori, Minnah and Akira
Spouse Jake Kelly
Kids Lance (D), Alexandria (D) and Gage
Grandkids Elizabeth and Quinn
Height 5'2"
Age She should be around 42, no counting two years she spent in limbo after she gave her life to save her daughter Alexandria. She stopped aging at 25 years of age.
Talent Healing abilities. Using her own energy she is able to heal others. She can give her life in order to keep someone alive, she's used this only once.
Occupation She's an occasional barmaid, occasional fighter (if in the right mood, or the wrong one for that matter) She is currently running a weapons shop.
Short Bio Her father didn't know of her existence until Nina saw herself in some trouble. Mai was sent to close friends in Seattle, while her baby sister was sent to other relatives in the states. Ken, Ryuu's best friend, took Mai to Japan where she was welcomed into the family by her siblings. Mai traveled the world training in different arts, but does not consider herself a fighter much like her older brother Reiiji. As a youth she found herself in a relationship with Kiromata Shinji, from which a set of twins was born. Much turmoil followed then after. She married Jake Kelly and bore him a son, only to miss two years of his life. She gave her life for her daughter Alex but returned from the other world. She went on to live her life, attempting to keep everything together ....

Name Gage Kelly
Appearance [x]
Parants Mai Naotaki and Jake Kelly
Siblings Alexandria (D) and Lance (D)
Orientation Straight
Status Single
Grandparents Nina and Ryu {D}
Uncles Muro and Reiiji
Aunts Cassandra {D}, Sumire, Yaori and Minnah
Cousins Lilith, Mathi and Aison
Height 5'8"
Age 23
Race Mostly Human
Personality He bottles up his feelings until they drive him to the edge. He's pretty relaxed on the outside and jokes around a bit here and there, but he's got more of an older man's personality. Business is business. He's more of a coordinator then a partier. When it comes to girls, he's clueless
Occupation Manager of the Springs
Short Bio Gage lived a rather sheltered life. After the deaths of Alex and Lance, Mai became a bit overprotective of her son, daughters and grand daughters. She made sure to know where they were and who they were with. He was taught to fight, though Mai frowned upon any street fighting. She wasn't about to loose him too. On his 21st birthday he only asked his mother for one thing, freedom. To let him find out what kind of a man he was on his own. He was the first to take over one of her establishments and soon became her business partner as well.

Name Elizabeth Drayke
Appearance [x]
Parents Julian and Alexandria Drayke
Orientation Straight
Status Single
Grandparents KiromataMai and Jake
Great Uncles Muro and Reiiji
Uncles Byron and Gage
Great Aunts Cassandra, Sumire, Yaori and Minnah
Cousins Lilith, Mathi and Aison
Height 5'4"
Age 16
Race Mostly human with some abilities
Personality She's a bit twisted and a lot of the things that she does is for her own gain. She's not too fond of people, though she seems pleasant enough.
Talent She's acquired various talents through out her years with her family. Each of her grandparents and her father taught her different healing techniques. Julian instructed her, as he had her mother, to use the energy of the living things around her to heal others. Mai instructed her on how to heal others using her own energy and finally Jake instructed her to heal others by taking their pain onto her own body.
Occupation She doesn't have a real job but she helps her grandmother with paperwork and running errands.
Short Bio Alex left Eli when she was but a couple of months old. Eli blames Aison for her mother's demise. She was raised by her grandmother when Julian ran off to look for Alex. She despises her father for going off to find his wife instead of remaining to care for his child. Even though both of her parents are in her life now she's trying to find a way to screw with them a bit.

Name Quinn Black
Appearance [x] [x]
Parents Reira (D) and Lance (D)
Orientation Straight
Status Currently dating Mana
Grandparents Kiromata (D), Mai and Jake
Great Uncles Muro, Reiiji and Akira
Uncles Gage
Great Aunts Cassandra (D), Sumire, Yaori and Minnah
Cousins Lilith, Mathi and Aison
Height 5'2"
Age 14
Race Mostly Human
Personality She's a bit distant and cold. She doesn't like to associate with people or be near them. The reason really is because of her "talent"
Talent By touching any person she can see and experience situations from their future. Her talent is her fear because by touching people she can witness and feel the sensations of the vision. She's a very good piano player, though she doesn't let anyone hear her play. The only person that has ever gotten a song or two out of Quinn has been Cybil.
Occupation A wanderer by nature.
Short Bio She witnessed her parent's death before it even happened, just by receiving a hug from Reira. It was the first time her powers started to work. A bit freaked out Quinn decided that she wanted to take a walk and clear her mind. She must have been going crazy, but when she returned home her parents had been murdered .... if she'd only said something she could have saved them. Quinn is rather resentful towards her father, he was rather distant and cold towards her and only was interested in what Reira wanted. She ran away the night that they were murdered instead of going home to her family, in fear that she might see more. It wasn't long before she encountered Cybil's family, who welcomed the little wanderer. She told Cybil that she was going to marry her one day, though they were both girls and straight. About two years ago she wandered off again only to come back when Cybil had left her own family.

Name Cybil Kinski
Appearance [x]
Orientation Straight
Status Single and expecting
Height 5'5"
Age 20
Race Human, gypsy by trade and birth
Personality She's one for wine and cosmos. Cyb loves a good laugh and works better when there are people around to have one with. She's often the mediator between quarrels. She's easy going and loving, though that part of her is on standby.
Talent She's a good hostess, if you consider that a talent. She's very good at reading people's fortunes.
Occupation She used to be a bar owner, having bought the Springs of Eternal Bliss. But now they've left her home.
Short Bio Cybil is the only child of a pair of Gypsies. She was raised to believe that family and virtue were the most important. She was to be married to someone in their ever moving and growing group but when she refused her father gave her an ultimatum and she decided to take the easy way out. She left home, was disowned. She owned her own place for a short time but certain circumstances had her and her friends leaving their new home. She's lost all that she acquired in such a short time was ripped from her grasp

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