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Life of OwOMeOW! This is a life Journal of a person named MeOW!

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Hilarious Dissapointment
Okay, so my brother over herd me ranting about him.

I'm sitting in the room with Jonathon ranting and all of a sudden from outside our door, I hear my brother getting all upset talking about how if I have something to say, say it to his face! And how he takes care of Hunter in the morning by changing at least 2 diapers. But then he sits there the rest of the day, wake till sleep, just playing video games! There are so many inconsiderate things he had said in his first initial arguments. Like, "What am I supposed to do, sit in the floor all day and clean up everybody else's mess?".... BUT THAT IS LITERALLY WHAT I DO! I don't even play video games much anymore! He ruined gaming for me, a long time ago. When he got me banned from using computers pretty much. All I played at the time was MINECRAFT! I was such a nice person then! ... But nope, he needed more time on the computer, without interruption. So he conspired with our at the time parental guardian, and they made a password. He was allowed to know and use the password.
Everytime I wanted to use, I had to ask,and would be mostly told, no. And they would change the password if I ever learned the password through them telling me it. So rude! The whole thing really hurt me at the time and I eventually turned away from the whole gaming thing. Now I Gaia! It's pretty much my only "game".
The things I do all day:

Get better from morning sickness (pregnant currently)
Tend to Hunter's needs
Clean up the kitchen
Clean up the living room(Hunter's living room"
Clean up my own area (front room = the room i spend the most "living" time in.)
I have to spend energy sometimes- preforming activities with my hubby lol (sometimes oral is a real chore though x.x)
Clean Guinea Pig cage

those are the things I have to do, or it gets bad! But when other peoples schedule goes like this:

Wake up
Play video games
Change a diaper and puts on children's movie
Goes back to playing video games
Looks for something to eat and eats in large quantities
goes back to playing video games
takes a small break
goes to bed.

Sure that's a lot to do in list form! But It's all gaming!
I'm working my a** off!!! Dx So each day doesn't bring more and more clutter!

You know what ******** this! I'm going to bed, I'm depressed now...


Things are getting better, I am having a lot more fun. It's getting clean around here, and We're able to cook again. There's a lot of frozen left-over food. I'm making biscuits this morning. And I have the dishes cleaned already, it's a pretty nice start out today. There's some soda for that caffeeine addiction, and some weed for the chronic pain. It's a really good day! ^^ I'm happy that my fiance is happy. Doing his own thing, I just need to be there more. I need to inspire him to be just as good, because his potential is Great. He can do so many amazing things, he may be discouraged. As for bro, He's still doing the same ol'. But I'm ignoring it. The more I get done, the more I'm improving.

I also recently got some new glasses, so I can see more clearly! :O It's amazing, I didn't know how fuzzy my vision was till now. Everything is so highly defined!


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