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Skype Group
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What to say about this small group of weeaboos...
I hate them all!!
Just kidding, of course.
This Skype group formed last June, and man, am I happy it did. It's been nothing but great times since its beginning. Though, I should let it be known that the Skype Group we're in now isn't' literally the first one. These ratchets have broken so many groups in the weirdest ways that I've lost track. Fortunately we've stopped breaking them, and we've been in the same group for like, two months now. We all progress as one....!!!! Now, the story of how it began...
I was speaking with some guy, and he asked me if I wanted to join a Skype call with people from Gaia. I said of course, toots! So I don't completely remember who was in the first call, but some of the people I had met for the first time in that chat were Aigis, Cryan, Midnii, Hinawa, and Billy. Although this chat had allowed me to meet new people, it also allowed me get closer to people I never expected to get close to. From the group cosplays to the long calls to playing Murder. I always have a great time with all you guys.~ The best part about the Skype group is that it isn't anything official. People come and go as they please. Though, of course, we have our mains and recurring cast. Now, to show some recognition!~

Thomas Hiddleston / The Mama - Number one waifu. Of course I already knew Nero before being introduced to the Skype Group, but I'm so glad we both met all the new wonderful people together. Everyone (minus myself, because that would be weird LOL) refers to her as the Mama of the group, just because everyone is like 6 years old and she takes care of them.

Vermillion Skies / The Animu Supplier - Okay, so basically everyone I write about in the beginning will be the people I was already close to. LOL Unfortunately Zazoo isn't a fan of super big groups, so she shies away to smaller groups sometimes. ~Tears~ But when she is in the main group, it's always a good time. She'll be in the background like, b***h SHUT UP AND LET ME TALK DAMN. Oh, and she supplies all the animus.

Itachi -ox / The Teacher - Cox, Cox, Cox. SHUT UP!!! Just kidding, you good.~ Cox is the Southerner who likes to talk about the most interesting things. Well, politics aren't that interesting, but that's just me. Cox is always saying funny random things to make people laugh, so she's everything in one. She's like that one funny science teacher you had in high school. LOL

Prince Bows / The Organizer - Bech, AKA the random girl who sounds 12 who randomly joins the call and says "HELLUR!" and hangs up, only to rejoin the call 30 minutes later and do the same thing. GET YO s**t TOGETHER, BECH! She's also the one who always tries to organize things, such as screenies and rounds of Murder. Just know that you'll never take over my game, skank!

Naota Ruu / The Incapable One - Oh Dante. He's that one guy who prefers talking to people in the skype group in towns over going on Skype. Like, damn Dante, aren't we worth it!? Though, his excuse is usually that his Skype doesn't work. We see you, Dante. WE SEE YOU.

Caffeinated / The Emo One - The epitome of... emo. LOL He's the one who's always quiet unless you take him into a private chat. Not only that, but he always goes MIA, which is ironic, since he's always on Skype. WE SEE YOU TOO, CLAYTON.

Makoah / The Foreigner - Mako is the one who doesn't know English. Just kidding, Makoko bew! Mako is the one who usually supplies us with information about upcoming things, with the best example being games. He is #1 source of video juegos!!! And he's the only one not from the US. That makes him super special though.~

Taigah / The Beast - Holy s**t Taiga. That saying about the quiet ones being the deadliest is so true in her case. She's very quiet, but when put in certain situations, she goes into beast mode and slaps people around, especially on Minecraft. She's also the creative one, always making art and profiles.~

OpticaI / The Bootleg One - MAH DOOM BEW! Okay, before I write anything, I just want to say that I'm super glad I got close to you because of this group, bew. *: Okay, so Doom is the bootleg one of the group. Why? He's that guy who will be in a call on two accounts. Not only that, but he kicks himself from the call... LOL WHAT BEW!?

Jurdeh / The Target - Unfortunately, Momo is the one who takes all the jokes and kickings. He secretly loves it, though, so it's no big deal! As I said with Doom, I'm glad this group made us closer, Momo-chans. Although he's the one who always has jokes directed at him, he knows we all love him more than Hinawa..

iLovely Rita / The Ratchet One - MAH GWORLA HINAWA!!! She is my main B I swear 2 Allah. She's by far the most ratchet one of the group (besides myself, of course) We'll be in a call, and she'll be all, OH s**t I ACCIDENTALLY BROKE A LAMP WHILE I WAS UPSIDE DOWN TWERKING LISTENING TO MY BAE DRAKE ON MY STOLEN IPOD. Hinawa is #1.

Courageous Light / The Floozy - Hi Midnii! Anywayz, I love Midnii like Hinawa loves grape drank. Not too much, but just the right amount. She's the floozy because she steals all the girls in the chat and takes them to separate chats to watch Allah knows what. Although we accept her floozy ways, she knows it's something she needs to work on, and she's going to rehab for it. Her real name is Lindsay Lohan.

Cvban / The Begger - Oh Carlos. I would tell you to keep your begging for statuses, but even that's too much. Carlos is the one who says random offensive s**t that makes us laugh and calls all of us fake. But, of course, he got the title "the begger" for a reason... STOP BEGGING SO MUCH DAMN BAE.

The Xbox Juan / The Serenading One - Play Careless Whisper one more time.!!!! Billy is that one guy who will randomly be standing on top of you in towns. You won't know why, but everyone in the call will. He'll be standing on top of you while playing Careless Whisper in the call, and we'll all just be dying of laughter. Oh Billy, your serenading skills are top knotch!

Knightrix / The Siren - He gets the title the siren because he used to always join the call, even when it was super full, and be like "maaaan what the ********!" while playing Smite. Though, now that he's introduced it to me, I completely understand why he says things like that. He also makes these tongue-flicking noises like what are you doing queequay? He's also the one that posts gross random pictures, that sometimes have to do with eels.... Stop. LOL

iShinobi Naruto / Lil Wayne / Hinawa's Twin Sister / The New One - You guys have no idea how long I had been trying to get him to talk in this group. He finally started to, and he hasn't left the group since. He's the one who's always reacting to the things we post. I can post a picture of his twin sister Hinawa, and he'll be all "ewl". LOL He's also the newest person to join the Skype group and stay. You are #1, Skankaboo.!

Prince Ties / The Dirty One - When I say dirty, I don't mean in a bad way! She's the one who's always talking about her hentai and we're all just like, LOL AIGIS WHY. She's also always telling her stories about the ratchet children she works with. Oh, how we all enjoy those stories. Aigis needs to never quit her job so she can tell us stories of her job until we die. YEE

Yatougami / The Shy One - AAAAAH CRYAN. He's the little shota of the group. He's always so shy when it comes to talking on mic, so he usually sticks with typing. But ohmygod, he is the epitome of a shota! Kind of. LOL He posts the most kawaii nyah nyah faces and is always reacting to things with them.~

Jamieisgay / The Irrelevant One - Jamie ohmygod. He's always in the Skype group, but he's almost always on League. Like, Jamie what are you doing!? When he isn't being irrelevant, he's usually the one who's... I don't even know. LOL Jamie is just everything wrapped in one. I'd say he's also Hinawa's twin sister. *:

Lusillyah / The Formal One - Okay, so Lulu is that one girl who's always so formal with everything. She'll be like, hello, how are you? And I'm just there like LULU WHY!! She tends to leave the group from time to time, but it's always nice to see her in it. She'll be formal, but sassy at the same time. LOL #1 Lulu~

Castle Town / The Ditcher - He left us to be with his friends in rally. #BackStabber #WhyDidYouTurnFakeOnMeRima #IDontUnderstand #Nan #YouAreNotTheSupreme #Goya #Tiana #Tiara #Jumping #RiceAndBeans

Soooo yeah. Everyone plays a role in this group, regardless of how big it is. I love all of you guys, and I look forward to spending much more time with all of you. heart mad mad mad heart

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