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My Escape
A place where I write whatever
It's been a hot minute hasn't it? Lol I've never really used this journal, considering I had one entry from years ago. But I figured after being gone awhile and coming back I should at least write something in here, if anyone ever reads this. I've had the issue of being on again off again with Gaia; there are a lot of reasons. Life, I did get married so I find I don't always have a lot of time to just sit down at the computer like I used to when I was single. My internet was my life when I was single lol Then there's work, which has been picking up more which don't get me wrong I'm happy about, but again doesn't leave me much time for things I enjoy. It's honestly been a bit of struggle since I miss writing every day and I haven't done that in almost a year and a half now which is scary...Then there's my neglected DeviantArt account, I did update it status wise thinking I'd have some time to post a couple things and it never happens sweatdrop Work and life ugh! I'm sure many of the older gaians on here know what I'm talking about. God I feel old, all these young people on here now dunno what it was like when Gaia was first starting out. Among other things. I'm getting rambly lol lastly the inflation to Gaia's market is a bit cringe-worthy. Everything is so freakin expensive! I remember when 20,000g in the marketplace was expensive let alone 200,000. Now it's practically up in the TRILLIONS! Who can possibly get that much gold??? How!? Certainly not me, I've barely been able to get 10bil and that's been with some help of selling items. But who has the kind of cash to buy GCash all the time and sell stuff? Certainly not me, it's hard enough to pay bills the last thing I would spend 50 bucks on is Gcash right now sad Just dating myself, see I'm old I compare Gaia now to the 'back in my day' times xp

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