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Dusty Journal Sitting on a Shelf Hmm... perhaps I will dust off this journal and put it to some practical use. *grabs a pencil*

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Raine's Pokémon Stats
User ImageName: Raine Étoile

Age: She says she's 19 but...

Bio: Originally from a faraway country, she's traveled extensively through the Johto , Kanto, and Hoenn regions, earning Gym badges along the way. She won her first badge from Falkner. She later returned to his gym and studied under him.
She joined Team Rocket under the threat of Lux, the Venusaur she inherited from her grandfather, being killed. They apparently wanted her various skills. At first she was cooperative, doing all their little problem solving tasks. But, she felt bat about the way her skills were used. One day she decided she had enough and ran without any explanation to her superiors. Nevertheless, she continued to use the Rocket name so that she could break some rules along the way, most notably, fleeing trainer battles whenever she was in trouble. Also, as a Rocket she had a limitless supply of HMs and TMs. She still has many left and she stores them in a secret place only she and her Pokémon know about. The Pokémon she received from being part of Team Rocket are loyal to her because she treats them kindly, just like her other Pokémon. Since Team Rocket disbanded she has been traveling. Now that she's free she wants to see all that she can before returning home. Yet, now that she's not on the run anymore she really has not decided what to do with her life.
Her mother is a move tutor in her home country as her mother was before her. She learned how to teach her Pokémon skills whenever it is needed. Her grandfather was a skilled Pokémon trainer but he died when she was 14. Her father is an engineer. She inherited his skills and built a pair of mechanical wings for herself, though she hasn't quite perfected them yet. Thankfully, her flying Pokémon always catch her when she falls. When she was little, she was taught how to make Pokéballs out of apricorns from the big tree in the backyard by her father. She's been well educated and even after her leaving on her journey she studies consistently. Quite handy with building and repairing things she can always find a job if she needs some money.

Personality: She's relatively calm most of the time. She often has a blank look in her eyes, like she's not really there. Opacare often comes out of her ball at those times for some reason and lurks ominously around her. She has quite a bit of self loathing. She's quite playful when it comes to Pokémon battles but when she gets pissed she's as ferocious as her Gyarados.

Appearance: She's 181 cm tall with long dark reddish brown hair. She wears a red violet cape to cover her bronze wings. She wears fingerless gloves with bronze sewn on to them like gauntlets, a tight, black half sleeve turtleneck, and black slacks, and black boots with a bronze toe. She keeps Lux in a special bronze Pokéball attached to her necklace and the rest of her Pokémon rest on her belt. Her belt has a bronze buckle. She has a brown bag around her waist to hold extra Pokéballs and other items. Her Pokégear is bronze as well. She is reluctant to upgrade to a Pokétch. She has a small bronze pin with an R in a circle signifying her being a Rocket previously. She still wears it for some reason.

Pokémon: Raine's specializes in flying, dark, psychic, and grass type Pokémon though she's a pretty balanced trainer. She's tried her hand at raising dragon types but they seem to not like her very much. She really likes them though. After battling Clair she even went as far as wearing a red cape. The only dragon types that seem to like her are her Gyarados (if you concider Gyarados a dragon) and Dragonair. (side note: As per the games, they may only use four different moves in any particular battle unless otherwise stated. Current moves in bold. Current team is underlined.)

Ivysaur -- Her first Pokémon, received from the Pokémon Professor in her home country. She nicknamed him Ivysaurus as a joke but occasionally, when she's feeling playful, she'll refer to him like that. He has a mild nature. He refuses to evolve. He knows Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Solar Beam, Leech Seed, Synthesis, Energy Ball, Sludge Bomb, Bullet Seed, and Giga Drain. He's at level 80 and is Raine's closest companion. They seem to understand each other very well.

Oceanus (Gyarados) -- She caught him as a Magikarp in her home country while fishing with her father. He's a bit unusual, as the number of spikes on his head is greater than usual. He knows Surf, Dark Pulse, Dragon Rage, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Thunder, Waterfall, Ice Beam, Earthquake, and Flamethrower. He has a rash nature and is one of her strongest Pokémon, intimidating the opponent. He takes a while to calm down after a battle but he will given time. He's at level 67 and is always at Raine's side to defend her.

Matutinus (Pidgeot) -- Caught as a Pidgey in the Kanto region, she is the main contributor to Raine's love of the Flying type. She knows Fly, Aerial Ace, Steel Wing, Wing Attack, Sky Attack, and Air Slash. She has a hasty nature and is incredibly fast. She's at level 66 and really loves Raine.

Opacare (Mismagius) -- She was caught as a Misdreavus at Raine's grandfather's funeral in her home country. She has a naughty nature and levitates. She knows Perish Song, Dark Pulse, Psiwave, Astonish, Destiny Bond, Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray, Curse, and Psychic. She's at level 58 and seems to have a hold on something within Raine.

Umbra (Murkrow) -- Raine chose him as her first Pokémon while working for Team Rocket in the Johto region. He has a gentle nature. He knows Astonish, Night Shade, Wing Attack, Mirror Move, Faint Attack, and Sucker Punch. He's at level 46 and and loyal to Raine because of her kindness.

Feather (Sneasel) -- He was also received from Team Rocket in the Johto region. He has a jolly nature. He knows Icy Wind, Ice Shard, Quick Attack, Fury Swipes, Shadow Claw, Cut, Iron Tail, Blizzard, X-Scissor, Calm Mind, and Punishment. He's at level 38 and is loyal to Raine because of her kindness.

Caelum (Noctowl) -- The first Pokémon she captured in the Johto region, she was caught as a Hoothoot. She knows Fly, Zen Headbutt, Hypnosis, Sky Attack, Foresight, Psychic, Dream Eater, Confusion, Extrasensory, Aerial Ace, Wing Attack, Steel Wing, Silver Wind, Defog, and Flash. She's at level 58.

Hiems (Absol) -- Captured in the Hoenn region, he has a lonely nature. He knows Future Sight, Perish Song, Razor Wind, Swords Dance, Night Slash, Slash, Bite, Zen Headbutt, Endure, Calm Mind, Stone Edge, and Rock Tomb. He's at level 48 but somewhat cold toward Raine, though respectful of her as well.

Staraptor -- Caught as a Starly in her home country by her father, he was sent over to her on her 16th birthday. He has a brave nature. He knows Brave Bird, Aerial Ace, Agility, Close Combat, Endeavor, Fly, U-Turn, Whirlwind, and Wing Attack. He is just as fast as Matutinus and they have a strong rivalry. He's at level 52 but does not listen to Raine very well.

Jolteon -- She was a gift from Raine's mother when she left her home. She has a timid nature but is courageous when it comes down to it. She has the Volt Absorb ability. She knows Thunder Fang, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Double Kick, Thunderbolt, Shock Wave, Flash, Giga Impact, Agility, and Last Resort. She's at level 60 and is obedient.

Lux (Venusaur) -- When Raine's grandfather died he left her to Raine. She is very old and near death but is loved dearly. She has an extremely calm nature and can take much damage. Being so old however, she can't attack as well as she used to but she can still pack a hell of a punch. She is always in Raine's party, as per her grandfather's last wish; to have her taken care of and treated dearly. It was his first Pokémon. She knows a multitude of moves, most commonly used are Grass Whistle, Seed Bomb, Nature Power, Leaf Storm, Solarbeam, Vine Whip, Protect, Hyper Beam, Sunny Day, Return, Rest, Earthquake, Safeguard, Hidden Power, and Double Edge. She's at level 100 but her age makes her power more like that of a level 80 Pokémon. She trusts Raine because her grandfather trusted Raine with her.

Other Pokémon she has:
Skarmory Lv. 30 Gastly Lv. 48 Butterfree Lv. 32
Typhlosion Lv. 62 Salamence Lv. 70 (Quite unruly) Mantine Lv. 31
Swampert Lv. 60 Pelliper Lv. 45 Dragonair Lv. 45
Persian Lv. 30 (From Team Rocket) Alakazam Lv. 50 Tropius Lv. 51
Drifloon Lv. 22 Xatu Lv. 43 Fearow Lv. 33
A few Unown who were attracted to Opacare: A, F, L, R, S, T, Y

Side notes: Lux's Pokéball is bronze colored because of a magical thing called spray paint. It's actually a Premier Ball. Most of Raine's Pokémon are in Premier Balls, regular Pokéballs, or Pokéballs she's made herself out of apricorns. Oceanus, for example, in in a Lure Ball made from a blue apricorn.

Afterthoughts: Yay. I finished my Pokémon OC. I can finally join an RP. *rolls eyes* Well, that is if I find one I like and I can get away from school. Geez Raine has a ton of Pokémon for an OC. Oh well. It's nothing compared to what it's like in the games.

Damn I'm old school. Pokégear and Apricorns... geez I feel old.

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