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wings from the weeds
A bunch of thoughts, relevant or no, from the Queen Herself.

In any city, in any country, go to any office building you can get yourself to. Find the nearest computer, open the search bar, and type in: "The Holder of Full Life Consequences." The computer will suddenly restart. Now, you must begin typing. It doesn't matter what you type, just do something. This computer's screensaver is that of something no mortal tongue can describe, and should it show up at any time, your body will die instantly, but your soul will be left in the madness as it descends into places worse than Hell.

After some amount of time, after you may or may not have noticed that you are in a lab coat of sorts, you will get an e-mail from someone calling themselves your brother. Even if you do not have a brother, you will become excited by the contact with your mysterious sibling. The e-mail will begin normally enough, but after reading further down, the typing becomes sloppier and sloppier, until it suddenly says something about aliens and monsters. Your brother will ask you for help. You will feel yourself getting up, as if being tugged by an unseen force. Don't forget to turn the computer off, or the thing in its screensaver will find you, and it will do unspeakable things to you.

Your feet will walk with a mind of their own, until you find yourself on the elevator. Once you are securely on, and a minute has passed after the doors slowly creak to a close, you will suddenly be slammed to the floor as the platform shoots up at an ungodly speed to the top of the building. Pray you will be able to competently walk away from this. If you are, you will suddenly find yourself in the clothes you came to the building in. Leave the elevator, and in front of you you will see a motorcycle, skillfully crafted from human bone and skin, oozing all manner of bodily fluids. It will descend on you in moments, unless you ask it one question, and one question only; “What time is it?” The motorcycle will respond in a voice sounding not unlike raw gums and teeth mashing together, “It is time for you to live up to your family name and face full life consequences.” Quickly mount the vehicle, as it is a rather impatient thing, and hold on quickly as it ramps off the building, lands, and continues driving at a speed you probably won't be able to comprehend.

You will be taken through a relatively normal-looking set of roads and highways, although you may notice that there are no other vehicles on them. Instead, there are horribly disfigured things that look as though they might have been human once, each one worse than the last. Try your best to make sure that none of them are able to reach at you at all, as you are completely unarmed.

With time, the motorcycle will slow down to some degree, and you will be able to see beautiful countrysides, but do not let the serenity of this place cause you to forget about what you must do. If you do, it will burst into flames, and you will hear every single living thing inside scream as they are burned. The fire will take its time in consuming you especially. Assuming you are able to keep your wits about you, regardless of what time you left, you will notice that it is about sunset, and that countless birds are flying overhead, going to their roosts for the night. Somehow, something about this time will feel right, and something possesses you to say, “It is a good day to do what has to be done by me, and help my brother to defeat the enemies.” You will feel a sense of agreement radiating from the hellish vehicle.

Without warning, said motorcycle will suddenly thrust forward, and come to an even more sudden halt. Do your best to keep your grip. A police car from your home town will appear, sirens blaring, and a familiar voice shouting for you to pull over...please. The bike will comply for no apparent reason.

Wait patiently, and remain silent here. You will hear the car door opening, gentle foot steps against the pavement, and your dearest loved one will be standing next to you. Something is grim about their expression, and you can tell you have done wrong. Clearly, they want to give you a ticket—they must give you a ticket. Do not be fooled, though. Quickly and concisely, you must shout at them, “I can't give you my license officer!” Their face will screw up into one of confusion as they ask why not. “Because you are headcrab zombie!” you must reply. You will feel a weapon of terrible power in your hand. Quickly aim at your loved one, and before you have time to think, pull the trigger. The gun will disintegrate as soon as they fall to the ground. The motorcycle will then begin moving again of its own volition. If you listen carefully, you may hear a garbled noise somewhere behind you, and flesh scraping over inhuman flesh. Whatever you do, do not look back, as what you see will be sure to drive you to insanity. You have more important matters to attend to, anyway; your brother is in trouble there.

The bike will jerk forward again, although by now you should have a good enough sense of balance to not be thrown off. It will feel desperate, as though it knows that your brother needs you where he is. You may be able to comprehend a few road signs along the way, one of which will say “Ravenholm.” There are directions pointing you out to this town, and you can tell it's where you should be going, but written under it is the Language. You may or may not be able to understand it, but you will feel a strong urge to turn around. Now is your first and last chance to do so. You've come so far, though. Stop to consider this, and if you listen, you will hear a young man screaming for you.

Should you decide to push on, the motorcycle will go faster than ever. It will do a flip, and suddenly you will find yourself to be in what seems to be Ravenholm. The bike will crash into the ground, taking out several unspeakable things that found themselves ambling about in front of a house. Look around, and you will find a weapon, not entirely dissimilar to the one from earlier. Grab it, and enter the house. If you are lucky, it will be empty. If, however, you feel another presence, like you are being watched, stand completely still and shout, “Zombie ghosts, leave this place!” Wait one minute. If silence is all that answers you, you will feel anger. Your death will not come soon enough. Pray to your gods that you hear a little voice reply, “But this is our house!” Should you hear such a thing, you will feel inexplicable pity. Do not linger on it, for it will consume you. The only way to escape this is to pull the trigger of the gun. It doesn't matter where you shoot, and it doesn't matter what kind of ammunition this weapon should logically have (especially considering that you are in a world beyond human logics and reasonings), but the house will blow up. You will find yourself unscathed back outside, and you will feel peace.

Another scream from a young man will shatter this, however. Walk, not run, as quickly as you possibly can to where you think the source of the screaming is. Running is a grievous mistake. Incorrectly guessing where the source of the screams is is a lamentable mistake. If you are lucky, you will find yourself in a place that looks completely different from the entire countryside you have been through. No birds sing here—in fact, the only noise you can hear is screaming, sometimes from the young man, and sometimes from things far, far in the distance or, if you are unlucky, very, very close by—and the dirt is visibly bloodied. Horrible little demons litter the ground as much as what seem to be still-kicking human legs (and nothing more) do.

Eventually, you will get to the place where the young man is screaming for you. You find the man, and at once you know he is your brother. He is in a grueling physical fight against a large, dog-like beast, whose skin is missing in patches to reveal the fine sinew beneath, and signs of infection and decay mar its muscular body. The fighting will pause for a moment as your brother looks to you. He will shout your name again, and call for you to come to his aid. Get closer, but do not get too close, as the hound has poor vision. Were it to see you, it would know you and your brother have fought dishonourably, and it will take every sadistic pleasure in tearing your still-conscious bodies apart for eternities to come. While taking care to stay out of sight, aim at what seems to be the beast's eye, and shoot. Pray that it hits its mark precisely.

“It's time to end this, once and for all!” your brother will suddenly shout, and with inhuman strength, he will punch the dog. As his fist rips through its flesh, it yelps in pain. Its body simply melts away around its newfound wound, leaving you and your sibling alone. This battle has been won.

Approach your brother now. Smile sincerely. Greet him in any way you please. Eventually, you will say, “Thanks I could help, bro.” He will grin mischievously at you and reply, “You should come here earlier next time!” You will be possessed by the urge to laugh. Do so. Laugh heartily, and he will laugh with you. This will be the greatest joy you have ever felt. Revel in it, enjoy it as long as you can.

After what seems like years of happiness and knowing your long-lost sibling, you will suddenly stop. Look up to the sky. You will hear yourself shout, “Look out, bro!” as your arm throws itself forward and your hand points a finger at something terrible that you may or may not see.

“No!” your brother will shout, his gaze following your finger. “Please, run out of here as fast as you can!” You will want to stay, but he will grab you, and throw you with a godlike strength. You will land safely, of course. An unseen force will take over your body again, and you will walk away. If you manage to cast a glance back, you will see your brother flattened against the pavement. You will feel an unspeakable rage coursing through you. Quickly shout, “I'll get you back, evil boss!” lest you share the same fate. You will black out.

You will wake up on the ground, next to the last bed you slept in. Your brother's corpse lies in the bed.

Your brother's corpse is now Object ½ of 538. You have faced the consequences, but there may be more to come..?

Queen of the Weeds
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Queen of the Weeds
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