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Collection of Stories
I found great stories and myths around the net andimma post em here.
Eiethrio was son of a watch maker in his village where he grew up. He was a normal child and was known for his generosity and kindness.
A Evil king tyrant emerged from a neighboring kingdom being of older bloodline of ancient kings he stole the current king's throne proclaiming his birthright.

This powerful king gained his strength by being a vessel of ancient evil named the gods called the Dragon Tiamat, and as part of the ancient evil's plan now that the king had power, he used it to poison humanity and cast it into chaos.

Eiethrio's village was a small example of the vast amount of places the King destroyed. The village was left with no survivor for Eiethrio himself being normal, was killed in the genocide of his people. But one Goddess have been watching this mortal for a long time and favored him greatly. Thus he was returned to life.

He was sent in his campaign to win the favor of certain gods who later bestowed their gifts and relics onto him to destroy this ancient evil for Gods could not directly act but only invoke and influence mortals.

Now as a representative of good and the god's love for mankind Eiethrio and his fellow Heroes are approaching the final fight with the Evil King.

The mask of Tohueto - the tengu air god, the armor of Jihiard - the thief goddess who gave fire to man, the boots the the Night god Meistophos fast but loud as the wind, the Wing and Heroe's Sprite of Noet the god of balance and vengence, and a Son of the old god Gomretrite spawner of beast.

These relics with the Eyes bestowed upon Eietrhio by the Goddess who revived him are his great weapons but the his strongest is his moral scale, and his virtue for goodness given to him by his father.

As he approaches the battlefield of fate. Who would can he depend on? his friends and his heart, and you.. vote 5/5!!^^

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