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rain ish like tears
Walking Alone
I ran down the path...the path where you and me first hold our hands and kissed when it was raining. But now, I'm running not walking, there's tears coming out of my eyes. It's raining...Im cold...I run alone. Every second I think about you in my mind...every second, and every second there...a tear came out. It was not warm, nor was it pretty. It was a nightmare, I was cold. I kept running and running...I couldn't find any light. When you're gone..the light in me just poofed and died. Everything, every soul died inside of me..because you left me. I stopped running and sobbed, kept sobbing until I couldn't breathe. I wiped my face with my bare hands. My hands were cold, frozen. I was shivering...wishing you were here. Then I saw a white tree, it was glowing, looked like doves were the leaves and the trunk was made of twigs. I slowed down and sat under the tree. I thought of you and me...how we used to be so happy and smiling and all, but now its broken. I kept crying and crying, I felt numb...so I closed my eyes slowly..blinking as if the world died. Then..two hours later. I woke up....it was warm. It was bright. I can hear people yelling and giggling and....I can feel their presence smiling. I stood up quickly and looked around. There was a red rug, a long one..making way down the path to a garden with pink and red and rainbow colored flowers and roses. I looked down that path, and I walked toward it. Every single stepped brought back the good old memories. Then i started running....but then. It magically disappeared, I cant reach the garden..I panicked, slowed down....looked around. All the giggling, smiling, yelling stopped. I could hear a clock ticking...TICK TICK TICK...i backed away. A shadow appeared.....with a sharp looking knife...it was running toward me. I turned around and ran away as fast as I could. I kept running and kept running and kept running, and then came to an end..the path ended..i was at the end of a cliff. The shadow was coming closer and closer, i backed away...my left foot fell down the cliff and i couldn't balanced....I fell down the cliff. And BOOM! i woke up, I was sitting down on the tree. It bloomed....everything looked...old. I stood up and looked around. Birds were chirping and I faked a smile. Then I saw a sign. I ran up to it, and it said: Due to all the lost souls in this park. It has been closed. 1989 to 2003. I was confused....I looked around and then something clicked. I had been gone for 14 years? I looked at myself and I'm still the same...I opened the gate and the place seemed like it was going to go down sooner. I walked outside the park, and eyes were staring at me...I kept walking and I came to a house. My house. I stared at it for 3 minute and I knocked on the door, a couple answered and. They did not look like my parents. I backed away and ran back to the park. I closed the gate and went back to the old tree..I stayed there. Somehow, I wasn't hungry at all. I looked around, and then something appeared. It was strange, I looked closer and rubbed my eye. Then the thing popped up in my face. It was a boy..a naked boy that has wings. It was adorable. Its hair were blonde and it was shiny. I put out my hand and it sat down on my hand. I smiled and talked to it. It talked to me back. Its name was Sora. I smiled...and yesh..that when I fell in love again. <3... Story not End. I bored now. Remind me to keep writing.

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  • [11/23/10 05:41am]
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