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mimi's diary
the river runs deep, life as different expectations not even anyone has the answer to. always up for a laugh and like randome pms lol.
My Last Breath
How will I fly? How will I fall?
What should I do if there is nothing at all.
How should I see what is truly in my heart. When all that lays around are false truths. That all one knows.
Seeing through the ripples of frosted spears of pouring rain, trying to figure out what it should become? Thoughts run through my head. "Should I live, Should I die, Is life worth fighting for?". What is here left for me as I stand under the befallen thunderous sky. As the spears of lightning scar the sky with broken arrows with lost souls that lived long ago. As the spears of lightning scare the sky wounding it to the core with it's arrows as it leaves it to quiver and die from horrendous torture. The thunder begins to howl like weeping wolves crying out to the misty blue moon. As the frosted rain falls and begins to seeps through to my skin and my heart begins to slow, the ache my heart causes me to fall to my knees, shouting and wondering. "Why is life so hard? Why do we have to be put through so much pain? Why do we have to suffer so much?". Feeling the rain pierce, biting my skin as it hits my face burning like fire as it creates bolted knots of anger and pain in my chest, as I lean over my knees, tears begin to roll down my face scaling my cheeks like ripples of raging fire as I hold my last thoughts wondering what I should do! Slowly I get up from my knees and begin to run as my heart beats faster and faster as the air in my lungs seems to quicken. As I reach the edge of a cliff, I look at the water bellow watching the waves crash against the rocks like ten angry stampeedes of rhinos colliding with a herd of buffallo attacking the shores. As I prepare for my last breath and my heart begins to slow I look up at the tormented sky for one last time as the raging thunder howls louder and LOUDER and the lightning begins to stab the wounded core of the sky as it's heart begins to bleed with swollen pain and tears. I leap from the edge feeling my breath escape as quickly as it came and my heart pounding faster and FASTER in my ears. Feeling the wind and rain whip against my face like raging fire as I fall to meet the icy waters bellow. Knowing it's too late to turn back I suddenly hit the cold waters hitting me like thousand poisonous daggers numbing me to the core as I watch the world I once knew disappear from view like it was a lost memory. As I begin to struggle for breath and my heart gradually slows to it's last humming beat. I close my eyes and finally let go of my last breath.

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